It's as synonymous with Christmas as the John Lewis advertising.

Every year, when you hear the ringing and watch the lighted red truck drive over your TV screen, you know that holidays are bound to happen.

Of course we're talking about the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, which is featured every year in the company's festive ads and is touring Britain.

And if you have not personally seen the funny sight, then we have some very good news for you – he will be back for Christmas 2019.

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour is back

Coca-Cola has confirmed that the truck, which brings free drinks to cities across the UK, will be touring in December 2019.

So far, no official tour dates or stops have been published.

However, in a message on their website, a spokesperson said, "The holidays are coming … soon!

"The legendary Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour will be back soon in 2019 and spread the Christmas magic throughout the UK! Details will be revealed very soon."

The tour was stopped last year at 24 locations

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Christmas 2019 food and drink

Coca-Cola's legendary trucks were produced in 1995 by the W.B. Döner Agency and then they were known as "Christmas Caravans".

The illuminated trucks were enchanted with special effects by the world-famous company Industrial Light and Magic, which stands behind the Star Wars films.

Pictures of Santa Claus adorned the sides of the trucks created by artist Haddon Sundblom.

Since then, the iconic image has evolved into a fleet of trucks that you see today.

Last year, the truck visited 24 different locations on its tour, including Glasgow, Exeter, Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester and London.

To find out where it will end this year, visit