By Clarence Fanto, Eagle Correspondent

How I want to fly with geese away from the sad days of November,

the "freeze" and the cruel winter.

The geese contaminate us with this strange depression during their flight to the south and heal us with their return to the north.

Meanwhile, we try to tolerate the winter, each in his own way. "

Anne LaBastille, "woman of wood"

What a difference the flipping of a calendar page does (if you always hang calendars on the wall).

The transition from a wet and windy but hot October to a gray and cold 17 hours slump. the darkness and temperatures of the end of December were particularly brusque last week. It is certain that the season is precipitous and that the winter solstice is still in six weeks.

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If you are lucky enough to have a remote starter, you will want to have it on hand as early as Tuesday morning, when the return to work and to school for many of us will come back. announces it as a potentially dangerous behavior.

The National Weather Service of Albany, New York, and AccuWeather Day were marked by numerous storms that caused a storm in the Ohio Valley on Monday night along the extremely cold polar air .

The proximity of the "cyclone", as professional meteorologists call it, will make all the difference on Tuesday morning. Government forecaster Christina Speciale predicts a mix of light and erratic rain and snow along I-90 and north of it, with a cold breath of air entering North Berkshire likely to drop a or two centimeters of snow, with melted snow, freezing rain and driving rain in South County, while Pittsfield and central Berkshire are caught in the middle by an ice-cold beer, which probably includes freezing rain and sleet.

A winter weather advisory can be issued, which means you will get your destination, but extreme caution is required on roads and sidewalks. Temperatures will fall later on Tuesday, so watch for freezes and ice on some roads.

With a minimum expected morning around 10 am Wednesday and Thursday, the date records at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport (12 November 12, 1986 and 10 November 13, 1996) could easily be broken. The normal minimum for these dates is 29 with a maximum of 48. Thus, the maximum expected of Wednesday for the day, of only 23, is not even worthy of the word "high".

Beyond mid-week, it seems dry next weekend but remains colder than average before returning to nearer normal temperatures in the third week of November, which is not the case. disappointing, but at least on par with the course.

In fact, we can imagine cheers in our local ski areas and among ski enthusiasts: the slopes should be well covered, at least with snow made by the man, well in time for the long break of the ski. Thanksgiving at the end of the month.

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