Cold and rainy front warn for the weekend |

The Insivumeh confirmed that due to the approach of a cold front in the Yucatan peninsula, there will be abundant entry of humidity, scattered cloudiness alternating with cloudy and rain.

“The weekend rain is associated with the approach of a weak cold front. The highest accumulated rainfall can occur in regions of the North and the Caribbean ”, stated the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh).

In addition, he explained that the presence of severe local events of rain with electrical activity, accelerated winds and occasionally hail fall is not ruled out.

He added that soils are saturated in most of the country, a favorable condition for flooding of rivers, floods, landslides, mudslides, damage to the road network and lahars in the volcanic chain.

“In the central plateau, including the capital, a warm and humid environment is expected, rain with electrical activity in the afternoon and night,” says the Insivumeh report.

The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) recommends that the population of these regions review their Local Response Plan and Family Response Plan, as well as having the 72-Hour Backpack for each family member.

They monitor swell

Besides, the Conred reported that wave monitoring continues in coastal points of the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

The delegates of the entity reported that normal waves are maintained on the country’s beaches: Monterrico, Santa Rosa; Champerico, Retalhuleu; Puerto San José, Escuintla; Ocós, San Marcos, and the Atlantic coast, in Izabal.


  • Follow the instructions issued by your local authorities
  • Avoid approaching or crossing rivers that tend to increase their flow.
  • Drive at a moderate speed and check the vehicle’s pens.
  • Review the Family Response Plan and the 72-hour Backpack.
  • If necessary, I evacuated with his family to the nearest shelter.
  • In the shelter keep a distance of 2 meters to avoid contagion of covid-19.
  • Emergencies call 119 Conred.

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