Cold feet His last series is over tonight (18 February), even though the last run started yesterday.

The episode did not disappoint, however, by satisfying all ongoing actions in a satisfying manner.

The epitome of the episode was the public revelation of Adam (James Nesbitt) and Karen (Hermione Norris) relationship, which shook the founding of the group in several ways.

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Just as most of the couple's friends and family were against it, viewers found the romance rather controversial and split as a couple in the middle about Adam and Karen.

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Jenny (Fay Ripley) had fun at Karen's expense when she introduced herself as the author of a customer meeting and really immersed herself in her dissatisfaction with the romance, but when her friend Charlie (who also had cancer) died tragically, a bad turn came ,

For David (Robert Bathurst) it looked quite good when he found a new job in a café and a new boyfriend / possible love interest. However, he decided to move out of Adam's house as he struggled to cope with the news of the relationship.

If it all sounds a bit, Jeremy Kyle, Pete (John Thomson) actually had a daydream in which the gang actually appeared The Jeremy Kyle Show and hashed it out.

Bizarre sounds yes, but many viewers had the same reaction: that it was "genius".

Luckily, everyone put their dramas aside to take part in Jenny's Cancer Fundasier (with a real charity choir) for an uplifting end of the episode and the current series.

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