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51 minutes ago

Not only does football live on goals and results. He is also surrounded by stories, fantasies, and questions. I’m going to string together a few, to get into the very heart of the activity.

Why, for the second time, Eduardo Méndez seems to be the controller of Independiente Santa Fe and a kind of bankruptcy law is used again? It is time for the cardinal bias to know and know what role Messrs. Caicedo and Lozano play, for many the true owners of the team. More than knowing if they are or not, it is good to hear about the plans to strengthen the institution, even if the minor divisions go through an uncertain destination.

Why in Girardot more than one unsuspecting person bought shares or rights of the Girardot Youth and nobody knows about the adventures of a leader named Soto, who continues to be linked to the Dimayor? What can the owners of these papers do? Frame them, because such equipment does not exist or simply disappeared.

Why will the International Board, on March 5, open a debate on the controversial rule of the hands? The answer is simple: there are more and more complaints about its application to fail in actions within the minor area. Rule number 12 will be the one analyzed on that date. It is considered an infringement from the upper limit of the arm that coincides with the lower point of the armpit. The rule specifies when it is an unnatural or involuntary movement. We will see what the adjustments to this rule 12 are.

Of course, the most striking issue in these news was what happened with the English judge Mike Dean, a man who has led the Premier League for twenty years. He has shown more than a hundred red cards throughout his career, but recently sent off two players in different games. Jan Bednarek from Southampton and Tomas Soucek from West Ham. Complaints came from the affected teams and they managed to get the English League to reverse the decision. It is probable that the videos and images of the VAR have proven the injustice in both cases, showing the distrust of the judge.

This detail can make a career in world football and complaints and protests will flourish. It means that, with each passing day, the referees stop making mistakes or the VAR punishes, straightens and teaches them.

More news will come because the ground is fertilized in football. It is incredible what they now call financial fair play, when it is simply home economics. If anyone spends more than he earns or receives and continues down that path, he goes bankrupt. The least a football team can do is have a conservative budget, if you will, but not leave it in the hands of those who practice that “what costs us nothing, let’s make it a party.”


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