Compulsory quarantine for 21 days of Hong Kong women returning from the UK

[Epoch Times, May 4, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Gu Xiaohua interviewed and reported) From December last year to March this year, the British epidemic was severe. The Hong Kong government stopped flights to and from the United Kingdom, and it was difficult for Hong Kong citizens stranded in the United Kingdom to return to Hong Kong. Ms. Li, a Hong Kong citizen, has experienced a difficult journey home.

Miss Li went to the UK to visit friends in October last year. She originally planned to return to Hong Kong in December, but she was unable to return to Hong Kong due to the outbreak of the British epidemic. She stayed at her friend’s house in the UK until March this year.

After the United Kingdom was unblocked, direct flights to Hong Kong were still not available. In addition, because the Hong Kong government required that the Hong Kong government could only enter Hong Kong 21 days after leaving the United Kingdom, Ms. Li chose to fly to a Middle Eastern country first, and then stay there for 21 days before transferring to Hong Kong.

Miss Li in Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi, translated from TaiwanThe hotel in Abu Dhabi was quarantined for 10 days at her own expense. During the period, she did two nucleic acid tests at her own expense. After the quarantine did not meet the requirement of the Hong Kong government to leave the UK for 21 days before entering Hong Kong, she continued to stay in Abu Dhabi for 21 days.

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Ms. Li said that the quarantine situation in Abu Dhabi is relatively good, and the attitude of the hotel staff, the cost (over 300 yuan per day) and other aspects are relatively satisfactory.

As there is no direct flight from Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong, she transferred to Doha (Doha, the capital of Qatar, a famous port on the Persian Gulf), and arrived in Hong Kong on April 7 after an 18-hour flight.

According to the anti-epidemic regulations of the Hong Kong government in April, Hong Kong residents returning from the UK must abide by a series of measures, including quarantine at designated hotels for 21 days after arriving in Hong Kong. In addition to following the airport test waiting arrangement, they must also be on the 7th day. , On the 12th and 19th day, accept the nucleic acid test.

Ms. Li said, “There was a special car to take me to the hotel in Tsuen Wan. I was quarantined for 21 days and cost 700 Hong Kong dollars (660 yuan) per night. Three meals were included, but I ate very poorly. I was a vegetarian and it was not tasty. I had a lot of oil. . Every time I finish eating, I feel uncomfortable. I suspect that the food is not clean.”

Miss Li revealed that during her 21 days in the hotel, no staff paid any attention to them, and the staff’s service attitude was not good. “The hotel staff did not pay attention to our mental state, because we were alone for more than 20 days, but there was no staff assistance. No one knew whether I was sick or not, and no one in the room knew if I died.”

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Ms. Li also said that the most unacceptable thing for her is the high cost of the hotel. “Why do we have to pay such an expensive fee to live here? The three hundred and five are not low, and it will cost more than six hundred. Why can’t I choose? Other hotels, or home isolation.”

Miss Li has now finished the 21-day quarantine, but she has experienced a lot of going home this time. She feels very tired and too hard.

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