Police in Fife are increasingly concerned about the well-being of a boy who has disappeared into a supermarket in Dunfermline.

Members of the audience were asked to look for nine-year-old Harley McLay, who had emigrated from the Asda store on Haleath Road around 12:30 pm on Saturday.

He is not local in the area and it is believed that he is lost.

Harley is described as white with slim physique and red hair. The last time he was seen wearing a blue hooded top, a navy T-shirt, dark blue pants and dark sneakers.

© DC Thomson
Harley McLay

Inspector Tony Rogers said: "Given the age of Harley, we want to track him down as soon as possible to make sure he is safe.

"Anyone who can help us find him should contact the police immediately.

"In addition, anyone with more information about this missing person request will be invited to contact."

It is known that all available police equipment has been diverted to Dunfermline to find the boy as soon as possible.

At the beginning of the afternoon, a large police presence was visible in and around the busy supermarket. Officials were discovered while searching for areas near Queen Margaret Hospital.

The Glasgow troupe's helicopter was summoned and could be seen in the sky above the city shortly after 3.30pm when the officers searched for the youngster before dark.

It is assumed that the boy was separated from his caregiver.

When word came of the boy's disappearance, Asda's shifters rushed to find tools in the store, and shoppers were asked if they had seen the boy as more and more officers arrived.

Subsequently, door-to-door inquiries were made along Halbeath Road, and fans who left for the Dunfermline vs. Falkirk game in East End Park were also asked to look out.

The police dog squad was on display at Halbeath Retail Park, and officials visited all the shops in the area to see if it was seen. Leisure facilities and restaurants in Duloch Park have been approached similarly.

Bus and taxi companies were also contacted, and motorists should keep an eye on the whole afternoon and evening.

Anyone who thinks they can help or who has spotted a boy who has the description of the missing child should contact Dunfermline Police Station at number 101 and give the incident number 2027 of 10 November.


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