CONFESSION OF LEGEND: The 2 happiest moments in the sports life of San Iker Casillas

He lifted 19 titles with Real Madrid, won 3 titles with the Spanish National Team and celebrated 4 titles with Porto. All the conquests, obviously, were special. But there were a couple of peak moments in his sporting life: the 2000 UEFA Champions League and the 2010 World Cup.

“The two happiest moments in my life were when I won the Champions League in 2000 and when I won the World Cup in 2010. I don’t think you could ask for much more”, he declared, in the preview of the release of his documentary Hang The Wings, for Movistar Soccer.

During his career, Iker Casillas was three times champion of the European Cup. He stayed with the one from the year 2000 because it was the first of all. Being a teenager of 19 years just turned he started in that final in which they thrashed Valencia.

And, well, the election of the World Cup is not very difficult to understand. The one born in Móstoles was a figure on the night that Spain touched the sky with her hands. Unforgettable the duels he beat Arjen Robben at Soccer City in Johannesburg.


Undefeated Data. Iker Casillas played 167 games with the Spanish National Team. Pilar in the string of Euro-World-Euro titles signed by the golden generation of her country.

Did you know…? Iker Casillas hung up his gloves after having played 1048 official matches at the absolute level: 725 with Real Madrid, 156 with Porto and 167 with Spain.

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