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Mary Annaise Heglar is the director of publications for the Natural Resources Defense Council, New York. Writing in Vox this month, they say they are eating something, eat straw, or drive a pickup truck. They are personally blaming themselves for global warming. Instead, she says they should take action to make their crimes.

In this case, 100% of the world's total emissions have been lost. In 1998, according to The Carbon Majors Database published by the Carbon Disclosure Project. Many of them are owned or controlled by governments.

China Coal – 14.3%, Saudi Aramco – 4.5%, Gazprom – 3.9%, National Iranian Oil Co – 2.3%, ExxonMobil – 2.0%, Coal India – 1.9%, Petróleos Mexicanos – 1.9% , Russia Coal – 1.9%, Royal Dutch Shell – 1.7%, China National Petroleum Corp – 1.6%

Heglar says. There are little or no potential investors in the company. Beating ourselves up because we do not recycle or eat veggie burgers is a dead end that helps no one, especially ourselves.

The consumed habits is not only preposterous; it's dangerous, "she writes. "It turns environmentalism into an individual choice defined as sin or virtue, convicting those who do not or can not uphold these ethics.

"When you consider that the same IPCC report outlines the vast majority of global greenhouse gas emissions come from just a handful of corporations – aided and abetted by the world's most powerful governments, including the US – it's victim blaming, plain and simple." Then she adds this vital part:

Here's my confession: I do not care how green you are. I want you in the movement for climate justice. I do not care how long you've been engaged in the climate conversation, 10 years or 10 seconds. I do not care how many statistics you can rattle off. I do not need you to be an environmentalist. I do not need you to be vegan-he than thou, or me, for that matter. I do not care if you are eating a burger right this minute.

I do not even care if you work on an oil rig. In some parts of the country, those are just jobs that will pay for your family. And I do not blame workers for that. I blame their employers. I blame the industry that is choking us all, and the government is letting them do it.

All I want you to do is a livable future. This is your planet, and no one can advocate for it like you can. No one can protect it like you can. We have 11 years – not to start but save the planet. I'm not here to absolve you. And I'm not here to abdicate you. I'm here to fight with you.

Praise For The Green New Deal From Three Republicans

The White House after Temper Tantrum Trump is kicked off the curb by voters in 2020. This week, three republicans who have just returned to the EPA under Republican presidential statement the "undermining of science" and pursuing a potentially "catastrophic" approach to climate change.

The three were scheduled to testify together before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Tuesday and spoke with ABC News beforehand. William Reilly was the EPA administrator during the George W. H. Bush administration. "If we continue business as usual, it's catastrophic," he said. "We're the number two emitter in the world after China."

Christine Whitman, George W. Bush, said she was concerned about "the disrespect of science in the administration and the undermining of science and the importance of science." Lee Thomas was in charge of the EPA under Ronald Reagan. He said his boss would have wanted the agency to recommend to his primary mission. "Change the direction, change the management and go back to the mission of the agency. That's what I think President Reagan would say, "he told ABC News,

Andrew Wheeler, the trio said he should get a D "or a little lower." "You need an agency that is credible, has consistency in its rule making and is science-based, "said Thomas. EPA employees from the Agency have been disillusioned with how it is being run.

Wheeler has said that the climate change is an issue, but it is not the "crisis" environmentalists make it out to be. "That's unfair characterization," said Reilly, who noted the EPA's own National Climate Assessment had described global warming as being a dire situation.

"The Green New Deal was not really wonderful," he said. "I am told by so many Republican members of Congress that they are on the stump. And now, they're asked. That is marvelous. It's on the agenda. "Whitman agreed. "For the first time in my memory, an environmental issue is about to become a major part of a political campaign for the presidency," she said. "I have not seen that before, and it's not going to go away, and that's good."

Imagine if you will, as Rod Serling would say, a time when three Republicans who served under Republican presidents the Green New Deal and the current maladministration for being charlatans. America may have just entered the Twilight Zone,

Hold Those Responsible Accountable

America went crazy when it said that it did not comply with applicable emissions standards. Massive fines were levied and a few people went to prison. Why, then, is there any public outcry about the criminals in the oil business who knowingly foisted off their death treatment products on the public for decades?

The emissions from diesel Volkswagen were bad, but their effect on the environment was not one millionth as damaging the impact of carbon dioxide or the fine particulates released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Apologists may say they did not know the harm they were doing.

Exxon Knew

Credit: Tom Randall, Bloomberg via Twitter

To investigation by Inside Climate News in 2015 revealed that ExxonMobil would be back in 1982. Its scientists even created a graph showing the results of pumping carbon dioxide emissions over time. A version of that chart, with red lines added to show where we are today, what tweeted recently by Bloomberg correspondent Tom Randall.

Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley and Malcolm K. Hughes brought hoots of derision from the industry and ExxonMobil – to discredit the scientists who created it.

In the graph above, published by Wikipedia, the smoothed curve created by Man, Bradley, and Hughes is shown in blue with its uncertainty range in light blue. It is overlaid with green dots showing the 30-year global average of the PAGES 2k Consortium 2013 reconstruction. The red curve shows measured global mean temperature according to HadCRUT4 data from 1850 to 2013.

Look at the two charts together. ExxonMobil's Theory of Exposure in 1982 is almost identical to the previous trajectory predicted by ExxonMobil in 1982. Notice how ExxonMobil's Projections closely match the observed concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today, which just passed 415 parts per million,

ExxonMobil song, then spent billions of dollars to cover up its lie. Because of that, the world is in grave danger. And the leaders of the company are not in jail because – why? Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is going around the world right now crowing about how to make the oil and gas buried beneath the Arctic.

America needs sane leaders, not lunatics. Keep that in mind when you go to the polls in November, 2020. There is no other issue more important that addressing climate change. Vote for leaders who wants to protect you and your family, not those who want to feed you the words of the name.

If three Republicans can see how bad the situation in Washington has, maybe it's time to listen to them? Ronald Reagan would be seen as a socialist. Which brings to mind this thought from Hubert Humphrey: "Compassion is not weakness and concern for the unfortunate is not socialism." Neither is concern for the Earth.

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