Confined the students of two university residences in Barcelona | Catalonia

Health technicians carry out PCR tests to detect Covid-19.Europa press

An outbreak of coronavirus has forced the confinement of nearly 300 students from two university residences in Barcelona: the Penyafort Montserrat Residence Hall and the Aleu residence, both in the Les Corts district. As TV-3 has advanced and sources from the Generalitat have confirmed, the Department of Health has ordered the confinement after a drip of cases of students who had as a common link their stay in those residences was detected.

Health has detected a total of 60 positives, according to the same sources. Most are students at the Penyafort-Montserrat residence hall at the University of Barcelona (UB). About 200 young people have been confined to their rooms since October 10, as they are considered close contacts of their colleagues who tested positive in the PCR test. Some students went home and must also confine themselves there. Access to the center will be banned for ten days, until October 20, according to the center in a statement on its website.

Montse Lavado, director of the school, explained this Sunday that the first positive was detected on Tuesday and started a chain of infections. Salud agreed to confinement when the cases exceeded fifty. “A residence is a community of coexistence and it was interpreted that all would end up being close contacts,” Lavado explained to the Betevé municipal chain. The students, the principal stressed, are doing well and none of them have a fever.

The second center affected is the Aleu residence, in the same district of Les Corts. The coronavirus outbreak has affected a hundred students here who must also remain confined, according to the same sources.

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