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In 2022 a new season of the series will be released that tries to reflect part of the history of the British Royal Family, and will come with important changes in the cast: we will tell you who are the confirmed actors so far and what roles they will play.

As it turned out, the fifth season of The Crown will omit some more current details, such as those concerning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or Prince Andrew’s friendship ties with Jeffrey Epstein (with all the controversy that entails).

Season 4 ends in 1990, the year Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher left office. From the production it was reported that season five will run through this decade and that the sixth – which has also been confirmed and will be the last – will go until the early 2000s.

The decade of the nineties has several relevant data in the United Kingdom, which will surely be taken into account for the series: the administration of two prime ministers, John Major and Tony Blair. On the other hand, the three eldest sons of the monarch divorced: Ana and Mark Phillips in 1992, Carlos and Diana in 1996, as did Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

But, without a doubt it is in 1997 when the most important event occurs: the death of Diana in a confusing car accident in Paris.

The new millennium also began with notable events: in 2002, both Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother died less than two months apart. Later that year, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Golden Jubilee, after 50 years of rule.

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So far no official release date has been announced, but according to Deadline, the series will not return until 2022 and its production is expected to start in the middle of this year.

As for the new performers, it is known that the actress Imelda Stauntion -who played Dolores Umbridge in the saga of “Harry Potter” – will be the new monarch and the one in charge of carrying the weight in these two new seasons, as has been the case with its predecessors, Claire Foy Y Olivia Colman. “I loved watching The Crown from the beginning. As an actress it was a pleasure to see how Claire Foy and Olivia Colman brought something special and unique to Peter Morgan’s scripts. I am truly honored to join such an exceptional creative team and to bring ‘ The Crown ‘to its conclusion, “said the actress.

Imelda Stauntion / Queen Elizabeth

Photo: IG

On the other hand, after Vanessa Kirby y Helena Bonham Carter, Princess Margaret will be incarnated by Lesley Manville, English actress of theater, film and television of great trajectory and who was nominated for an Oscar for “The invisible thread”.

Lesley Manville / Princess Margaret

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If in this new fourth season Lady Di the interpretation (and impersonation) of Emma Corrin was a sensation, the choice of the actress Elizabeth debicki it will go the same way. A priori, her resemblance to the Princess of Wales is notorious, And it will be intensified by the excellent costume and makeup work by the show’s experts.

Elizabeth debicki / Princess Diana

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Prince Charles, personified until now by Josh O’ Connor, will now be in charge of the actor Dominic West, known for starring in series like The Affair O The Wire.

Dominic West / Prince Carlos

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For its part, Jonathan Pryce will be in charge of giving life to Philip of Edinburgh During the last two seasons of the series, an actor with a great career: he was Juan Domingo Perón in “Evita, el musical” (starring Madonna) and Pope Francisco in “Los dos Papas”, among others.

Jonathan Pryce / Philip of Edinburgh

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The castings continue, so as time goes by, the other members of the cast of the last two seasons of The Crown will be known.

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