Confirmed: Diablo II Remake will be called Resurrection and will run at 60 FPS in Engine 3D

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BlizzConline 2021 will begin in a few hours, in which it was planned to reveal a lot of news and important news regarding the next titles that Blizzard has prepared for us, but as is usually the case with everything, the leaks have already started to come out and confirms that the name of the game will be Diablo II Resurrection, as rumors pointed out a few days ago.

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This has been revealed by the Reddit user PracticalBrush12, who has revealed several details regarding this delivery. Diablo II Resurrection will run under the new Blizzard 3D engine, running at 60 FPS, with dynamic lighting, but maintaining its classic atmosphere and gameplay, since after all this is a Remake of the original game.

This is why players will even have the option to switch between the new and classic graphics, so that the nostalgic can play whatever suits them best.

Other novelties present in this version will be the crossed progression and the no need to be connected to the internet to play, with a single connection a single time will suffice.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord


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