Confusion Surrounding Rank 4 Essences – Will They Be Unobtainable in Shadowlands Pre-Patch?

As we enter the final weekend before the Shadowlands pre-patch, many players are making a push for Poder cósmico fenomenal to earn Rank 4 Essences. However, there is some confusion if certain Rank 4 Essences can be obtained in the Shadowlands pre-patch due to inconsistent wording.

What To Do Before Shadowlands

Pre-patch blog on July 23rd:


If you’re trying to collect the prestigious title Azeroth’s Champion, be sure to add earning the achievement Phenomenal Cosmic Power to your list of things to do, as all Rank 4 Essences can no longer be earned once Shadowlands strikes.

Update to pre-patch blog on August 18th:


Updated Aug. 18: The achievement Phenomenal Cosmic Power will no longer be obtainable once pre-patch goes live. This is due to certain Rank 4 Essences no longer being available to earn after pre-patch (e.g. Vision of Perfection).

Patch Notes from October 8th:


  • Heart of Azeroth
    Rank 4 Essences are no longer obtainable.

While Blizzard has documented that essences from competitive content, such as Vision of Perfection, will not be obtainable in the pre-patch, the wording of certain Rank 4 Essences from the August 18th update implied that others would still be available in the pre-patch. But the October 8th patch notes sound like all Rank 4 Essences, not just specific ones, are unobtainable.

Players assumed, based on Blizzard’s earlier discussion, that only the following essences would be unobtainable in the pre-patch:

With the new wording in the pre-patch notes, players are confused about the acquisition of the remaining Essences, such as those from Paragon chests. There’s also another bit of confusion surrounding Conflicto y discordia, as players that hit Elite Rating this week may not be able to earn the R4 essence as they would need to loot the weekly chest after the reset. On one hand, the loot box would be from before the Pre-Patch and could contain the Rank 4 Essence, but on the other hand, the achievement Poder cósmico fenomenal would already be unobtainable in the pre-patch.


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