Cool but clear Sunday in Neuquén

From the Interjudisctional Watershed Authority (AIC) They issued the weather report that corresponds to this Sunday, October 11, in the province of Neuquén, predicting a colder weather than we had during the week but with clear skies for the course of the day. The agency reported that there is a 0% probability of rain for the morning, for hours in the afternoon and night, precipitation is also totally ruled out.

The weather this Sunday will be a little colder than it is this Saturday, October 10 in the provincial territory. Sunrise was at 06:51, and it will get dark at 19:48. In this sense, the service indicated that although the sky will be totally clear and the probability that it will rain is 0 percent for the course of the morning. Regarding the temperature Lowest forecast for this Sunday will be 0 degrees Celsius, and the maximum record that would be reached today would be 22 degrees Celsius.

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How will the afternoon be in Neuquén?

After entering the afternoon hours, the temperature will increase significantly and will reach its maximum with 22 degrees Celsius. Likewise, it is estimated that this Sunday afternoon the winds from the northern sector reach a maximum speed of up to 7 kilometers per hour. The AIC reported that the percentage of probability of rainfall over the province for the afternoon is 0.

Finally, in the hours of the night, Neuquen will have a climate with a decrease in temperature that would reach an average of 6 degrees Celsius. In relation to the winds, they would be of a speed of up to 5 kilometers per hour. At the end of this Sunday the presence of rain would not be considered either.

For the publication of this note, updated at 8:00 a.m., the temperature in Neuquen was 9 degrees Celsius, with a weather clear, a visibility of 15 kilometers and the humidity of 67 percent.

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