Corona in England: is a holiday possible in 2021? All information for tourists

Corona in England: is a holiday possible in 2021? All important information for tourists

Is a vacation in England possible despite Corona?

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holiday in England in spite of Corona-Pandemic? If you want to enjoy your Earl Gray and a hearty portion of fish & chips in the home country of the Beatles in 2021, you should find out in this article how the current one Corona-Location in England looks like.

The current Corona situation in England: 7-day incidence, number of infections and vaccinations (as of May 3)

England as well as the whole of the United Kingdom are still affected by the corona virus, albeit very differently from region to region. However, since March 18, the Robert Koch Institute has no longer classified England as a risk area.

With a total of 67,886,004 residents in the UK, 4,435,831 people are currently infected with the coronavirus, with the infection rate being 6.53 percent. The seven-day incidence in the UK is currently 22.7.

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However, the UK is significantly more advanced than Germany when it comes to vaccinations. 50.83 percent of the entire population there has already received an initial vaccination against the coronavirus.

Since March 29th, opening of shops and domestic travel in England has been allowed again. Up to six people from up to six different households (“Rule of 6”) or more than six people from two households can meet outside. In principle, the general hygiene and distance rules apply.

Corona in England: People from THESE countries are not allowed to enter

In the whole of the United Kingdom there is currently a strict entry ban from so-called “Travel Ban Countries”. The United Kingdom holds all of these countries in one place red list fest.

Germany is currently not represented on this, but if the number of infections continues to rise, we could get a place on it in no time at all.

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The entry ban also applies to all travelers who have stayed in one of the “Travel Ban Countries” ten days before entering England.

Vacation in England? This has to be observed for Germans

Even if England is no longer classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute, that’s advised Foreign Office before unnecessary, tourist trips to England continue.

Germans who still want to travel to England therefore have to accept some corona restrictions that the government of the United Kingdom has set.

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1. Online registration form

Every traveler must register in an online form at least 48 hours before entering England so that the person concerned can be followed up in the event of a corona infection. The form must be presented at the airport, on the train or on the ferry before traveling to England.

2. Proof of a negative corona test before entry

Even those who have already received the corona vaccination must do a corona test at least three days before traveling to England. PCR tests, RT lamp tests and antigen tests are recognized. The negative test result must then be presented in English, French or Spanish. Anyone who dares to travel to England without a negative Corona test faces a fine of up to 500 British pounds (about 576 euros).

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3. Ten days of quarantine

As soon as a person has arrived in England from abroad, they must immediately go into quarantine at home for ten days. The quarantine period can be completed in your own house, in the house of friends or relatives or in a hotel room. The only thing to note is that it is not allowed to leave the accommodation during the entire period. The address at which a traveler is quarantined must be entered in the online form beforehand. Anyone who violates the quarantine rules faces a fine of up to 10,000 British pounds (about 11,527 euros).

4. Two additional corona tests during quarantine

But that’s not all – even during the ten-day quarantine, travelers have to carry out an additional corona test on the second and eighth day. The dates for this must be booked in advance of the trip to England and specified in the online form. Again, violations can result in a fine of up to 2,000 British pounds (around 2,300 euros).

These rules should apply at least until May 16. (mkx)


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