Coronavirus: Covid-19 cases in Britain may rise again, despite the rapid progress of the vaccination campaign – The Guardian

3 hours ago

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A warning from the World Health Organization that Britain may face a new rise in the number of cases of Covid 19 despite the widespread vaccination campaign, and the discovery of a painting valued at tens of millions of dollars by the famous Renaissance painter Caravaggio, among the issues covered in British newspapers.

We start with the Guardian newspaper and a report by Aubrey Allegreti entitled “An official from the World Health Organization says that the number of cases of Covid 19 may rise again despite the rapid progress in the vaccination campaign.”

The report says that a prominent expert in the World Health Organization believes that the success of the British vaccine program is not sufficient to protect it from another wave of Corona virus that is not related to the increasing cases in Europe.

Dr Catherine Smallwood, chief emergency officer at the World Health Organization in Europe, said that confidence in vaccines may have declined after the changes in the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccination, with alternative options being offered to those under 30 amid concerns about the vaccine’s association with blood clots in cases of blood clotting. Rare.

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