Coronavirus in Asturias: Slow decrease in the incidence of covid in Gijón, which accelerates its fall in Oviedo

The incidence of coronavirus in Asturias improvement, although in a very slow way, in general, and unevenly between the different municipalities of the region. Oviedo Y Aviles are significantly reducing the impact of the pandemic, while Gijón it does it in a much slower way. According to the Health Observatory in Asturias, the situation of the councils included in the Health Area III, with head office in Avilés, will be re-evaluated tomorrow, since the improvement continues with an accelerated decrease in the incidence accumulated at 7 days, which reached the 37% in the last week.

The situation in Gijón and Carreño, which shares Sanitary Area V with Villaviciosa, is not so good. The Observatory indicates that Gijón continues to decline “very slowly” and the incidence at 14 days remains above 400. As for Carreño, his infections are beginning to stabilize and form a plateau.

Oviedo is registering a significant decrease, of 37.1% in the last week, but, like the previous municipalities, it remains in a situation that does not allow it to leave the 4+ thresholds, that is, with greater restrictions, including the perimeter closure.

Other municipalities that are improving significantly are Mieres, Lena, Grado, Gozón, Castrillón, Corvera, Cangas del Narcea, Aller and Laviana. Siero continues with its slight decrease, while in San Martín del Rey Aurelio a slight increase in positivity is observed. The municipality that for the moment has been spared the application of the most restrictive measures is Langreo, which had been in the most dangerous thresholds for two days but the incidence in the elderly continued to decline and will continue to enjoy the general measures of Asturias, a situation that Salas started today and Valdés will do it tomorrow, which will become the fourth council to get out of the 4+ situation, after Llanes and Noreña.

The county town enjoyed yesterday a quiet first day of the market without too much influx. The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday, after two days without new positives, the perimeter survey of Noreña, an ‘island’ surrounded by the council of Siero, which is still closed. In addition, the City Council has announced that from tomorrow the gymnasium room and the padel court of the Municipal Sports Center will also be open to the public, although for now “the rest of the activities will not be resumed until the health authorities so indicate.”

The Observatory indicates that in the region the decline in incidence continues to 7 days, reaching around 250 cases, the best figure since January 14 and a weekly decrease of 38.9%. The incidence in the elderly is higher, 41.7% and the positivity is about to drop from 7%, the best figure since January 13, with a weekly decrease of 27.5%. It also points out that the Health Service of the Principality of Asturias lowered the number of tests carried out in recent days “after the significant drop in transmission.” In addition, it warns that, “despite the slight decrease in COVID occupancy and not having as much COVID occupancy as in the second wave, the global occupancy of hospitals due to any pathology continues to touch the highs of the second wave.” For this reason, he asks for “maximum caution and alertness to the extreme hospital occupation.”

A gym where lives are saved

217 cases

In the day yesterday, 217 new positives of coronavirus detected on Friday were notified. 4,807 tests were carried out, with which the positivity rate was 7.18%. There were 67 admissions to the ward, 10 to the ICU and 73 discharges. That leaves the numbers with which there are 511 hospitalized patients with confirmed or suspected covid-19 and 127 in intensive care units. In addition, eight people (three women and five men) between the ages of 64 and 97 died.

In public hospitals in the region, 59.36% of the 283 critical beds with a ventilator available are occupied and 44.88% correspond to covid patients. Regarding hospital admissions, 68.6% of the beds are occupied, although covid patients only account for 16.18%, the rest being patients with other pathologies. In other centers converted to care for people with covid-19, 20% of the 264 enabled beds are in use.

The health authorities reiterate to citizens to be extremely careful to stop contagions, especially in those municipalities where more restrictive measures are applied.


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