Coronavirus in Turkey today: how many cases were recorded on April 7

The pandemic of covid-19 continues to expand throughout the Asian country and the rest of the world. The figures are published daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Today, April 7, they reported in 54.740 new cases of coronavirus, 276 of deceased and 35.503 of recovered. With today’s records, Turkey it has already accumulated 3.633.925 cases of coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

The death toll by Covid-19 in this country they already reach the 32.943 persons. While the number of recovered amounts to 3.194.978 patients.

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With these numbers Turkey is ranked 8 worldwide in number of coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

These are the ten countries with the highest number of cases to date: USA 30.908.418, Brazil 13.100.580, India 12.801.785, France 4.902.948, Russia 4.554.481, United Kingdom 4.381.823, Italy 3.700.393, Turkey 3.633.925, Spain 3,326,736 and Germany 2.927.572.

While the total cases already reach 132.777.095 and the 2,880,747 deaths around the world. The number of recovered as of today is 75.413.073.


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