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Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga and a handful of his delegates were placed in a 14-day isolation period as a precautionary measure immediately after their return from China, according to media reports from the state of Mongolia. Mongolia borders China where coronavirus originated in late last year and killed nearly 3,000 people. President Battulga was in China for the first time since the coronavirus epidemic, where he met with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to discuss joint efforts to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

Coronavirus also spread to sub-Saharan Africa for the first time, with the first case being an Italian citizen who worked in Nigeria and returned from Italy to Lagos on February 25th.

It is only the third case on the African continent: Egypt announced its first case on February 14, while Algeria said it had a case on Tuesday.

Who saw the regional director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Africa, dr. Matshidiso Moeti warned that “the window of opportunity that the continent has had to prepare for coronavirus disease is closing.”

His warning was followed by one from WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Thursday, who said the epidemic was at a “global pivotal point” and that it could have “escaped control” if countries they didn’t act quickly enough to keep him under control.


Live coronavirus map

Coronavirus map LIVE: there are now more than 83,000 confirmed cases worldwide (Image: GETTY)

10am update: the UK now has 19 confirmed coronavirus cases

Two other patients in England tested coronavirus positive, bringing the total number of cases in England to 17 and the UK to 19.

The first case of coronavirus has also been confirmed in Wales.

Medical director of Wales, Dr. Frank Atherton, confirmed that a person had been diagnosed with the virus after returning to Italy from Italy.

He said: “I can confirm that a patient in Wales tested coronavirus positive (Covid-19).

“All appropriate measures have been taken to provide assistance to the individual and to reduce the risk of transmission to others.

“I can also confirm that the patient had returned to Wales from northern Italy, where the virus was contracted.

“I would like to take this opportunity to assure the public that Wales and the whole of the UK are well prepared for this type of accident.”

Update at 9:45 am: the pound continues to decline as the investor fears the rise in coronavirus

The pound fell against major currencies as investors’ fears about the coronavirus continued to rise.

The pound was trading at $ 1.2880 at the start of Friday’s trading, slightly lower over the day, while it lost 0.4% against the euro at 85.70 pence, the weakest since mid-January.

The British currency lost 2.5 percent against the dollar this month

and almost two percent against the euro.

MUFG analysts said in a statement: “While COVID-19 counts country by country show a non-alarming total of 15 in the UK, its current account deficit close to five percent means that tightening market conditions financial leaves currencies such as the pound sterling vulnerable to the downside. “

9.20am update: Hinkley Point staff self-insulates amid fears of the coronavirus

Four staff members of the Hinkley Point C power plant have self-isolated as fears of the coronavirus spread.

A spokesman for the power plant run by EDF Energy near Bridgwater has confirmed that staff members are receiving the opinion of Public Health England.

An employee who has returned from Tenerife is also in solitary confinement.

A Hinkley Point spokesman said: “Following the advice of Public Health England and as a precaution, four members of the Hinkley Point C workforce have self-isolated: one returning from Northern Italy and two of his roommates and an employee of return from Tenerife.

“We have issued protective advice for staff advising them on the common sense precautions we can all take to minimize our individual risks.

“We are evaluating the risks associated with any staff movement and continue to monitor the situation carefully.”

9.10 am update: British Airways owner warns flight request affected by coronavirus

International Airlines Group (IAG) has warned that its earnings have been hit by weaker demand due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The airline group experienced lower demand on Asian and European routes, as well as weaker business travel through its network due to the cancellation of numerous industry events and higher travel restrictions.

CEO Willie Walsh warned that the impact of the coronavirus on the airline industry could be significant enough to allow some airlines in crisis to be “pushed over the edge”.

“We are able to adapt to this situation because our business is in great shape.

“It is the airlines in crisis that will be most affected by this, so there will no doubt be more consolidation as a result.”

9.06 update: New Zealand confirms the first case of coronavirus

New Zealand confirmed its first coronavirus case in someone who has returned from Iran, but said the chances of a larger outbreak remain low.

The patient is around 60 years old and tested positive for COVID-19.

A statement from the ministry of health states that the person is being treated in the city of Auckland

The hospital and their conditions are improving.

The ministry said: “Even if we have our first case of COVID-19, the chances of a community outbreak remain low.”

9 am update: Hyundai closes factory in South Korea after workers test positive for coronavirus

Hyundai closed one of its factories in the southeastern city of Ulsan in South Korea after an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

The carmaker’s shares plummeted by more than five percent following the news.

Hyundai Motor said in a press release, “The company also quarantined colleagues who came into close contact with the infected employee and took steps to have them tested for possible infections.”

coronavirus map

Coronavirus map LIVE: the deadly disease has spread to dozens of countries around the world (Image: EXPRESS)

8.57 update: Japan ready to protect fragile economy from coronavirus impact

Japan has said it will take the necessary political measures to prevent the

the coronavirus epidemic had a strong impact on its economic recovery.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the government still has enough reserves to tap into the emergency costs of the coronavirus epidemic.

He said to the Japanese parliament: I am aware of the views that if the virus spreads, it could have a huge impact on the economy.

“Therefore we are closely watching developments.

“If developments change, we will ensure that we take the necessary measures to prevent the virus from becoming a huge downside risk for the Japanese economy.”

8.53 update: the United States announces the first shortage of coronavirus-related drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced the first coronavirus-related drug shortage in the country.

The regulator confirmed that a pharmacist informed him of the shortage of one of his drugs because the production of one of his main pharmaceutical ingredients was influenced by the acceleration of the coronavirus epidemic.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a statement: “We are working with the producer and other manufacturers to mitigate the shortage.

“We will do everything possible to mitigate the shortage.”

Update at 8.38: Nigeria confirms the first case of coronavirus

Nigeria became the last country to report its first coronavirus case.

The infected person is an Italian citizen who returned from Milan to Nigeria on February 25th.

This is the first case of coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa.

8.28 update: the UK warned “only a matter of time” until the coronavirus spread

British Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty warned that it is “only a matter of time” until coronavirus spreads to the UK as the number of confirmed cases in the country has increased to 16.

Three people tested positive for deadly disease in the UK on Thursday, including the first confirmed case in Northern Ireland.

The patient had recently returned from Italy, while a parent from an elementary school in Derbyshire had contracted the virus in Tenerife, where 168 Britons were being kept in a hotel in the southwestern part of the island.

So far in the UK, 7,690 people have been tested for the virus and of the 16 tested positive, eight have been discharged from the hospital.

8.20am update: Mainland China reports 327 new coronavirus cases Thursday

Mainland China had 327 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection on Thursday – down from 433 cases the day before.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases in mainland China to 78,824.

The death toll in mainland China reached 2,788 at the end of Thursday, an increase of 44 over the previous day.

8.15 update: over 4,400 coronavirus cases registered outside China

The deadly virus has now reached over 50 countries and territories outside mainland China, with over 4,400 confirmed cases and 70 deaths.

South Korea now has the largest outbreak outside China, with 2,022 cases.

Globally, there have been more than 83,000 cases since coronavirus panic has spread rapidly worldwide.

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