Couldn’t be sweeter: Dog goes for a swim and delights in the net

A Shih Tzu from the USA takes a bath. A picture of this one goes viral on Twitter. The little dog enchants the internet community.

Illinois (USA) – Who can look away at such a cute sight?

Usually the Shih Tzu is quite fluffy when dry (l). In the wet look he inspires the Internet (r). © Twitter / Image Montage / GinaUrso

Some pictures just have to be shared on the internet. Apparently this is what mother Gina Uso from the US state of Illinois thought. She posted a snapshot of her son’s puppy on hers Twitter-Account.

The little dog had just taken a bath. In the photo you can see how his fur was sticking to his body, soaking wet. The four-legged friend looked over the bathtub with a touching look.

His tiny paws held on to the edge. It seemed like he was incredibly relieved to get out of the wet and into the dry.

The community freaked out at the sight of the post. Almost 500,000 likes spoke volumes within a very short time.

Numerous users agreed: This dog looks like the “Star Wars” character Chewbacca as a baby!

So it’s no wonder that the new fans wanted more information about the fluffy animal. Without further ado, Gina shared more pictures of the Shih Tzu in a dry state and as a puppy. He even owns one Facebook site and one Twitter-Accounthe shares with his siblings!

The American made it clear that she just loves the cute dog breed more than anything. Fans can therefore look forward to more snapshots of the dogs in the future.

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