Lincolnshire CCC's hopes of retaining the Unicorns East Division title for the fourth year in a row were shattered by a massive loss to

Norfolk CCC.

The visitors used Market Rasen's cricketer, Nic Keast, but he had an unusually calm match with bat and ball, scoring two points combined in both innings and becoming a free wicket, while Lincs went inclined to a nine-game defeat at Norwich.

The first session of the first day was crucial for the outcome of this match.

By winning the draw, Lincolnshire chose to beat and at lunch time they had lost seven wickets.

This collapse continued immediately after lunch while they had been fired for 158 only the 42nd.

Only Shiv Thakor (42) and his captain Carl Wilson (30) showed any resistance.

Andy Hanby, with a score of 5 for 48, was Norfolk's best pitcher, while seven of the Lincolnshire wickets fell into the hands of the boxer or in the slip.

Norfolk used the rest of the day wisely. Although they had lost four wickets at the end of the match, they were close to the first set of Lincolnshire heats.

The visitors remained faithful to their task on the second day and took early wickets to get back into the game.

Norfolk was finally fired for 225 on the 79th day, with Tom New (61) and Ashley Watson (43), their main contributors, while Shiv Thakor (3 out of 26) was Lincolns. picture: The main ticket taker of John Van-der-Vord.

Norfolk had a precious lead of 67 in the first innings, and Lincolnshire's task now was to occupy the crease and create a substantial lead.

Despite an opening position of 43 by Joe Kendall and Jack Timby, the wickets fell again at regular intervals.

Ben Coddington, with a patient 38 out of 83 balls, got the highest score, but Lincolnshire did not live up to his expectations.

A total of 172 in total was insufficient to give Norfolk a difficult task. The main architect of the fall of Lincolnshire is Ashley Watson, with 7 against 58.

The goal of 106, from Norfolk, was easily achieved by the loss of a box, Sam Arthurton (68 not absent) allowing his team to win a comfortable victory.

Norfolk took 22 points of the match and Lincolnshire only the four to return to third place in the Eastern Division standings.

They will then face Hertfordshire, Hertford, in a three-day championship game starting Sunday.