Couple celebrate their wedding inside the London train

There is no doubt about the veracity of the saying “reality surpasses fiction” or at least it is close to it. For sample, a particular wedding within a train. A scene that looks like something out of a love movie.

The event happened at the station train “Liverpool Street” in London, where a couple celebrated their wedding in a wagon and on the newspaper’s itinerary.

In the video you can see how the wagon is decorated. The holding tubes are covered with flowers and the wedding It is set by the guests dressed appropriately for the occasion.

Weddings in times of coronavirus

But love did not exceed prudence and aligned with the health regulations against the coronavirus, all the guests wore masks and the couple recited their vows and exchanged rings using masks.

The unusual ceremony was officiated by a pastor who gave his speech supported by his tablet and, like the couple, used a protective mask.

The images also show the official cameraman of the event recording without losing detail of the wedding link, as well as other common users of the subway who were lucky enough to witness the particular wedding and uploaded the video to Youtube.

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