ON Ms. and her friend collapsed after an obvious argument in their apartment in a high-rise to the death, it has turned up.

Renata Poncova and Tony Taylor, both 33, dropped out of their eighth-floor home in South London, which the police now consider suspicious.

Neighbors said Mrs. Poncova, an Eastern European, recently lost her job in an apartment agency before she and Mr. Taylor, her boyfriend of six months, died in Southwark just before midnight on November 2nd.

The police forced themselves into the apartment, where they found evidence of a "possible disorder".

Margaret Dillon, 59, who lives in an apartment block opposite, said she heard an argument, followed by "a very loud noise and a scream".

The police cordoned off the area and both were declared dead by paramedics at the scene.

The couple is said to have been in a short relationship, and a neighbor said he had recently moved into their apartment.

A tribute left by colleagues at the scene said: "You will always be remembered in our hearts and minds with love from your colleagues and friends at The Apartment Service."

Detective Inspector Phil Coster said, "I appeal to everyone who knew Renata Poncova and Tony Taylor and had contact in the days before their death to call the police.



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