Courtney Williams doesn’t hit the brakes in Turkey

Galatasaray had a difficult showdown against Fenerbahçe that prevented them from starting the season with a qualifying record that was unbeaten.

Apart from that game, the team led in large part by Courtney Williams is undefeated leading 3 – 1 that puts them at the top of the table still well positioned to fight for the league title.

The third victory has come against the Birevim Elazig of Ariel Atkins and Emma Cannon, a team that like Bellona Kayseri of Tyasha Harris, Mikiah Herbert Harrigan and Jacki Gemelos do not know the victory being in the deepest part of the classification.

In the match against Elazig, Williams returned to a great level with 18 points and very good percentages as usual. His averages are 19 points, 5.7 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 1.2 steals, being very constant every time he dresses short to go out on the court.

Courtney has made 34 of his 62 shots, having a 54.8% accuracy that adds a lot of value to his season with good scoring heights. In addition to the fact that his 22 accumulated assists are the maximum of the team, being key for Galatasaray to play well offensively.

To defeat Birevim, Anete Steinberga had to appear with 23 points accompanying Courtney on a bad day for Bella Alarie that ended with 6 points and waiting for Mercedes Russell to join the team dynamics.

Galatasaray’s next game is scheduled for Wednesday the 21st against Canik Belediyesi, who is a low-level opponent who shouldn’t be too much of a bother for Williams and her teammates. On the 24th they will have to play again and this time against BOTAŞ.

Galatasaray expect Mercedes Russell to join the team soon:

Mercedes Russell joins Galatasaray in Turkey


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