Covid-19: Cardinal Bassetti leaves intensive care unit

“The news is comforting, we continue incessantly with our prayers.” These are the words of the auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Perugia – Città della Pieve, Monsignor Marco Salvi when communicating the change in the clinical conditions of the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference who was admitted to the hospital “Santa Maria della Misericordia di Perugia”, for be positive for Covid-19.

Gabriella Ceraso – Vatican City

Good news spread quickly after several days spent with great apprehension. Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, has left the Covid-2 intensive care unit to return to be treated in the Covid-1 Emergency Medicine unit of the Hospital “Santa Maria della Misericordia di Perugia”, where he was admitted on October 31, after testing positive for coronavirus. This was reported by the auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Perugia – Città della Pieve, Monsignor Marco Salvi, who also tested positive for Covid but is asymptomatic.

Controls and treatment continue

In the words of the prelate, so much satisfaction: “It is comforting news to know that Cardinal Bassetti has just been discharged from intensive care – Monsignor Salvi says – because it confirms the slight improvement in his state of health announced by the doctors in the bulletin. published on the morning of November 13 by the Hospital Directorate The clinical picture continues to be serious and the cardinal needs constant vigilance and adequate treatment.

For this, Monsignor Salvi adds, it is necessary to continue incessantly in prayer for our Pastor, for all the sick and for the health workers who care for them. Our sincere thanks and appreciation goes to them for what they do daily to alleviate the suffering of the many patients. “Therefore, the parameters are stable, the therapeutic plan has not changed, but the Cardinal, as the workers make it known health, remains on alert as in the last days.

Pope’s encouragement to Cardinal Bassetti, “a sign of God’s compassion”

On November 11, on our microphones, Monsignor Salvi recounted the encouragement of the Pope who, unexpectedly, came through a phone call to inquire about the cardinal’s health and invite him to move forward with “strength.”

On that occasion, Francis also thanked those who take care of the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference. “God – said Monsignor Salvi – even in these moments he does not leave us alone and the figure of the Pope is God’s attention to us.” And the illness of the president of the CIS continues to be accompanied by a chain of prayers that unites Italy and not only Italy, we remember the messages of closeness that reached the curia of Perugia-Città della Pieve, also from the bishops of Cuba and from Syrian prelates.

The cardinal’s gratitude

For his part, Cardinal Bassetti has also expressed his gratitude through a message published on November 13.

“I want to thank the Lord for being by my side, with his mercy, at this time of trial,” writes the president of the CEI, expressing his gratitude to all “the health personnel who treat me and the sick.”

“I thank all those who are close to me with prayer and affection,” he concluded, asking for constant prayer “for those who suffer and live situations of fatigue.”


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