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The mask continues to be the most important tool to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the world, but Chile has achieved an innovation in this garment, which has incorporated copper nanoparticles, which eliminates 85% of the virus of COVID-19 in five minutes and is up to 95% effective in two hours of use.

The University of Bern, in Switzerland, carried out a series of investigations and certified that the masks with copper nanoparticles patented by the Chilean company The Copper Company eliminate COVID-19, Chilean media such as La Cuarta, Meganoticias and Tele13 have highlighted.

To understand how it was possible to achieve this degree of effectiveness, it is necessary to review what happens from a scientific lens. As cited by the site GreatReporter, “The action of copper on the threads of the tissues disintegrates the plasma membrane of SARS-CoV-2 through ion exchange, which prevents the virus from reproducing”.

Specifically, the study carried out by the laboratory of the Institute of Infectious Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine of the aforementioned university, specified that these masks eliminate 85% of COVID-19 in five minutes, and 95% of it in two hours.

The fabric manufactured in Chile by The Copper Company “includes copper nanoparticles, since the smaller they are, the greater the effect in antiviral terms,” ​​the study noted.

With this result, The Copper Company, which has its fabrics patented and tested by the European Union as medical devices, and has CE certification, adds what is perhaps the most valuable implement in its catalog, and incidentally became a planetary reference company in the manufacture of chinstraps to combat the pandemic.

Judging by the founder of the company, Luz Briceño, this fabric has been the first to be tested against the Covid-19 strain, and now, the Swiss “U” study has proven its effectiveness in copper textiles , placing the company as a pioneer and world benchmark.

“Although it has been said in scientific trials that copper helps reduce antiviral activity in some strains of the coronavirus, SARS or influenza, it had not been specifically done with the Wuhan strain, which caused the pandemic, and that is why this study developed in Switzerland is relevant, “said Briceño.

Masks are reusable

According to the manufacturer, and according to the tests submitted, these masks are reusable and only after 50 washes their effectiveness decreases by just 1%.

In addition to masks, the Chilean company produces medical supplies, as well as sheets, pillows and towels for hospital, hotel and domestic use, products that are already marketed in 15 countries such as Dubai, Japan, Peru, France, Germany, Turkey and Chile. through its website.

Beyond new technologies, drugs or vaccines, the World Health Organization insists that the basic formula to minimize the risk of transmission of Covid-19 is for people to wash their hands, avoid crowds and maintain a safe distance between yes. (I)

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