COVID-19 Trip Planner

The trip planner for COVID-19 is a centralized communication platform that travelers can use to search for information about COVID-19 in the state, local, territorial and tribal communities they cross through and at their destinations. This information will allow travelers to make informed decisions, protect themselves and reduce transmission before, during and after the trip.

As a health department, you can use the trip planner to reach travelers and share your COVID-19 policies relevant to travelers entering and leaving your jurisdiction. Once you sign in to CDC’s Secure Access Management Services (SAMS) portal and trip planner, it will take less than 15 minutes to enter your health department information.

How can we add the information for our jurisdiction?

Identify some people who may be responsible for entering the COVID-19 information from your health department, such as a communication specialist, administrative assistant, intern, or other staff member. If these members do not have a SAMS account yet, they should send an email to to request SAMS enrollment and access to the COVID-19 Travel Planner web form. If they already have a SAMS account, they will need to send an email to to request access to the COVID-19 Trip Planner web form.

Once they have access, they can follow this task guide pdf icon

What questions will they ask us to answer in the web form?

On the travel planner administration page for your jurisdiction, you will find a web form that you can use to answer the following questions about your jurisdiction’s mandates and policies related to COVID-19.

  1. Will travelers be required to comply with the quarantine on a voluntary or mandatory basis by legal order? If so, for how long?
  2. Should travelers submit contact information or any other information to the health department before traveling? If so, how should they do it?
  3. Are there testing requirements for travelers? If so, how do they provide their results?
  4. Is there a mandatory mask use mandate? If so, what is it about?
  5. Are there limits on the size of the meetings? If so, what should travelers know?
  6. Are there destinations or businesses that do not allow the entry of travelers? (eg, beaches, restaurants, bars)
  7. Who should travelers contact if they have COVID-19 symptoms?

For each question, you can add a link to an additional resource, such as your health department page. You will also have the option of adding links to the guide pages of other relevant health departments. All answers are optional. Unanswered questions will not appear on the website. You will be able to edit the responses on the web form, as appropriate, when the mandates and policies in your jurisdiction change.


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