COVID-19: unexpected and furious storm: Bishop of the Diocese of Tuxpan

This year, marked by the sufferings and challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Church calls “to row together”, in need of solidarity help, says Juan Navarro Castellanos, bishop of the Diocese of Tuxpan.

On the eve of World Mission Sunday, the Catholic hierarch points out that this call challenges both the Church and humanity in the current world crisis. “Like the disciples of the gospel, we were caught by an unexpected and raging storm. We realized that we were in the same boat, all fragile and disoriented; but, at the same time, important and necessary, called to row together and in need of solidarity help ”, he said.

He compared that the health emergency, as in that boat, we are all, “like those disciples, who speak with one voice and with anguish say: ‘we perish’, we also discovered that we cannot each continue on our own, but just together ”, he emphasized.

“We are really scared, disoriented and scared. Pain and death make us experience our human fragility; but at the same time we are all aware that we share a strong desire for life and liberation from evil ”, added the bishop in a special message for the entire population.

Likewise, he said that now the mission of each one is to go from the fearful and closed self to the self rediscovered and renewed by the gift of oneself.

“Understanding what God is saying to us in these times of pandemic also becomes a challenge for the mission of the Church. Disease, suffering, fear, isolation challenge us. We are questioning the poverty of those who die alone, of the evicted, of those who lose their jobs and wages, of those who have no home or food.

“Now that we have the obligation to maintain physical distance and to remain at home, we are invited to rediscover that we need social relationships, and also community relationship with God. Far from increasing distrust and indifference, this condition should make us more attentive to our way of relating to others ”, he emphasized.

Finally, he explained that celebrating World Mission Day also means reaffirming how prayer, reflection and the material help of their offerings are opportunities to actively participate in the mission of Jesus in his Church.

“Charity, which is expressed in the collection of these days, seeks to support the missionary work carried out in the Church, on behalf of the Pope through the Pontifical Mission Societies, to meet the spiritual and material needs of peoples and churches. of the whole world and for the salvation of all ”, he emphasized.


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