Covid-19 vaccine passports could discriminate against those who cannot receive the vaccine – Europe – International

The British Government, along with countries such as the United States and Singapore, have confirmed that They are studying the possibility of promoting a travel document that certifies that they are free of the virus. In this way, the debate on the relevance of a vaccination passport is still open in the world.

The idea has been supported by David Nabarro, Special envoy of the World Health Organization (WHO) for covid-19, who said he believes “it will be important” some type of vaccination certificate to be introduced as international travel resumes.

“I am absolutely certain that in the coming months we will have a lot of movement and the conditions in which people can move from one place to another, some kind of vaccination certificateIt will certainly be important, “he told Sky News.

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According to BBC News, these passports may be useful only until there is more information on how long immunity lasts, in addition to represent a risk for those who for different reasons cannot apply.

Some days ago Royal Society, the oldest scientific society in the UK, established 12 criteria for the development and use of passports of the covid-19 vaccine:

1. Meet benchmarks for coronavirus immunity.

2. Be clear on how efficacy can vary according to different vaccines and the impact of these on different variants of SARS CoV-2.

3. That it can be standardized internationally.

4. Possess verifiable credentials.

5. That it has defined uses.

6. Make use of an interoperable technology platform.

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7. It must be secure to safeguard personal data.

8. Portable.

9. Be at hand for all individuals and governments.

10. Make it legal.

11. That the ethical standards are clear to guarantee equity and non-discrimination.

12. That the holders of these passports can understand and accept the conditions of use.

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World debate

For the time being, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, reiterated that he rules out introducing a certificate or “passport” immunization nationwide, amid speculation in the press that some kind of test might be required to be able to do daily activities such as going to the pub.

In parallel, the Executive works with the airlines to agree on the future use of mobile applications that would facilitate gathering all the documentation and anticovid test necessary before boarding, such as the TravelPass developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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In the case of UK, it is currently illegal to travel for non-essential reasons and the government has tightened restrictions on visitors to prevent the spread of highly contagious foreign variants of the coronavirus.

As of this Monday, travelers arriving from countries considered to be of maximum risk must comply with quarantine in a designated hotel under supervision, while visitors from any source must isolate themselves at a declared address and undergo various diagnostic tests before and after arriving at the United Kingdom, on pain of fine and jail.

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