Covid-19 Vaccine: Why We Know Rumors About Grafted Chips, DNA Alteration, And Serious Side Effects Are False

  • Flora Carmichael*
  • BBC Reality Check

1 hour


The pandemic has generated multiple rumors that vaccines will be used to insert chips into people.

The wave of rumors on social networks was to be expected.

The news that a vaccine for covid-19 BNT162 made by Pfizer and BioNTech showed more than 90% efficiency caused a chain of false information on social networks.

Part of the rumors focused on the fact that the vaccine has as one of its differentials being RNA-based. But others also resurfaced.

The BBC Reality Check fact-checking team has examined some of the most widely shared false claims: alleged plans to microchip people through injection, the alleged change in our genetic code, and the overall safety of vaccines.

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