Covid-19 vaccines: more vaccines lost in the Coffee Region – Other Cities – Colombia

The health authorities in Armenia reported that five doses of the covid-19 vaccine were lost after completing their vaccination process, which adds to the four that were missing in Pereira to give a total of nine missed shots.

The cause of this situation, according to the director of Comfamiliar Risaralda, would be a variability in the vaccination process. Nevertheless, in Armenia they point out that it is a factory deficit of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

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After an IPS from Pereira reported that there was a lack of four doses of the vaccines that were delivered by the Government of Risaralda, the director of Comfamiliar Risaralda, Maurier Valencia Hernández, said on Tuesday that there was no deviation of the doses .

The official reported that after the first findings in the investigation process it was evidenced that “even the manufacturer considers that a vial or bottle can have 5 to 6 vaccines, it is not an inflexible figure. What we could say clearly is that 4 vaccines were missing and that is part of the variability that all vaccination has. “

Of the 192 front-line health workers who were to be vaccinated last Saturday at the Comfamiliar clinic in Pereira, 188 people were injected.

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There were no bad faith or fraudulent processes

“We can say conclusively that there was no misplacement of vaccines, the vaccinated people were the first-line doctors, none were vaccinated without clarity that they will be applied to those who correspond, there were no bad faith or fraudulent processes, “added Valencia.

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In Quindío, the loss of 5 vaccines was also reported. The manager of the San Juan de Dios Departmental Hospital in Armenia, Rubén Darío Londoño, revealed that there is a space for receiving Pfizer vaccines and during that process the missing 5 doses was identified.

“Faced with this situation, we notified the control bodies such as the Comptroller’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office to review the process,” said the manager.

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For his part, the governor of Quindío, Roberto Jairo Jaramillo, stated that “the doses are sealed from Brussels, when the contents of the bottle are dissolved we find that a bottle gave us for three vaccines and in another two we were missing one in each for a total of five vaccines. We warn the control entities of this situation that has been occurring in other cities. It’s a factory deficit “.

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