Covid admissions in Catalan ICUs soar with more serious patients | Catalonia

Massive covid detection screening at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.Joan Sanchez

The intensive care units (ICU) of the hospitals in Catalonia are filling up faster than in previous waves due to the coronavirus, with patients in a more serious condition and with an average age that has dropped slightly and is among the 50 and 60 years. It is a progression of income that has been noticed in the last week and that causes fear that they will skyrocket more in the next 15 days, after the effect of Easter. The occupancy in the ICUs of Catalan hospitals was 390 patients in the last week of March and yesterday 483 were reached, which is almost a hundred more in 10 days.

The perception shared in the ICUs is that in recent days -since the beginning of Holy Week-, patients hospitalized due to covid arrive in a more acute state and that previously they spend very little time in the ward or enter directly emergency. The Secretary of Public Health, Josep Maria Argimon, argued on Wednesday, when making public the new restrictions in Catalonia, that admissions to ICUs were very worrying and that, in addition, they were discordant with hospital admissions.

“It seems that the fourth wave, if it continues like this, will be in the ICUs,” says Ricard Ferrer, head of that unit at the Vall d’Hebron hospital. And he argues it by explaining that, proportionally, there is more income in intensive care units than in the plant. “We cannot have validated data, but clinically the processes are more acute. And all that happens when we still have patients from the third wave because some are two months, “he points out. In recent days, three and four patients enter that unit for one who leaves. Ferrer believes that, as the progression is the same in two weeks, the 700 patients in the ICU of the autumn wave will have been far exceeded. The good news in a hospital where 9,000 people work is that the vaccination has been noticed: “There are no internal outbreaks and that is very important because casualties due to quarantines have been drastically reduced.”

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Of the 30 places at the Sant Pau ICU, 28 were occupied by covid yesterday. “Those who are entering in the last days are a little younger, the average is between 50 and 60. And what is striking is that entire families enter, some stay in the ward admitted and the most serious are in the ICU ”, comments Pere Domingo, Covid coordinator of that center. He believes that this may be occurring due to a greater contagion capacity or, also, due to a higher viral load: “The possibility that the British variant is more aggressive is there, although more studies would be needed to determine it.” However, he resists being pessimistic: “The advantage that we have now is vaccination and that the virus does not like the sun at all and we are going towards summer.”

In another large hospital, that of Bellvitge, the situation in the ICUs is not so tight, but they fear what is coming in a few days such as an almost ‘pre-pandemic’ Easter in Catalonia. “We must give time for the vaccination campaign to continue and cover all those over 60 years of age. Meanwhile, it would not be understood to take more steps forward and back with the restrictions ”, says Rafael Mañez, head of Intensive Medicine.

At the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona, the admission of patients with covid is two or three a day and in recent days, some go directly to the ICU: “The profile is that of a majority of men, two out of three, with one the age that has dropped and is between 40 and 60 years old ”, says its director, Gloria Padura, who like the rest of the toilets asks citizens for“ one last effort to stop talking about waves ”.

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