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Although it seems like the title of an Almodóvar movie, Covid, Brexit and FilomenaUnfortunately, these three evils are a reality that has directly and profoundly affected a service that politicians describe as “essential“when they need it and” polluting, damaging to infrastructure and dangerous for road safety “, the rest of the time, and only valid to pay more and more taxes, (tolls, ITV, hydrocarbon taxes, Municipal tax, etc., etc.).

100,000 companies, direct employment to 300,000

But the reality is that the public transport of goods by road, with its more than 100,000 companies, directly employs some 300,000 people in Spain.

Transportation brings us vaccines, medicines, food … and everything essential to live

And also, and for us to understand each other, it is the one that takes vaccines to hospitals, medicines to pharmacies, gasoline to service stations, food to supermarkets, clothes to stores and all those goods and products. that different industries and companies need for their operation …, yes, of that We speak.

Fegatramer denounces the treatment of transport leaders, key to life

The Galician Federation of Transport, Fegatramer, considers that Covid-19 deeply damaged the economy of Spain and continues to do so, and therefore also the Transport sector, a Sector that had to face the administration at first to to be able to hit the road, “because at the beginning of the pandemic they wanted to limit the output of trucks”, Until their attention was called and they were made to see that trucks were needed more than ever to provide their services, from that first moment of confrontation, public transport of goods by road was considered as an essential service during the pandemic, But little or nothing has earned him this small recognition, because in a short time he has returned to the previous situation, that is, of abandonment and indifference, which the different administrations have traditionally maintained with with respect to the sector, with exceptions.

Brexit and Covid, daggers for Transport

Brexit, road freight transport companies and their drivers have paid the price not only for mismanagement of Covid-19 by different governments and the EU itself, but also and especially for tense negotiations in the United Kingdom and the European Union, and as a result, last December we have seen professional drivers and their trucks, literally dumped on hard shoulders, service areas, port areas and makeshift car parks in unused airports, and this, due to laziness and the closure of the political leaders, the images that could be seen spoke for themselves of the abandonment and the little value that is given to a fundamental activity for today’s society to maintain its way of life.

But, Unfortunately, these tails are not something new, logically to a much lesser extent, but they can be seen daily., in many ports and cargo centers in different parts of Spain, where drivers must wait hours to load and unload, and in many cases do it themselves, without any administration taking measures or caring, including those responsible for the prevention of occupational hazards.

Filomena, beyond the name, are its consequences, those, which we do not know because they could not be foreseen with the current means and consequently having taken some preventive measures to alleviate them at least in part, but the reality is that they were trapped more than 11,000 professional drivers throughout Spain with their trucks and goods. Nothing had been planned and few or at least insufficient measures were taken before and after, except for some for the gallery, such as prohibiting the circulation of trucks in Catalonia, once they were trapped, but without providing real solutions or means to To solve the problem, it is true that the snowfalls have been historical, but the current means of forecasting and action are not the same as those of 50 years ago, but of course you have to start them and know how to use them.


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