COVID hands: New symptom associated with COVID-19 sequelae

Coronavirus patient care continues to reveal symptoms associated with the presence of the disease and subsequent COVID-19 sequelae. This is how doctors and scientists expand the list of conditions that allow anticipating a positive case or calm people who have various situations recognized as consequences that the virus leaves in the body.

This time it is the so-called “COVID hands”, a term used by physicians in the Wenchester Medical Center Recovery Program. It consists of what patients describe as “Have bare hands”, similar to what happens when you have a reaction to strong products like dishwashers. Scientifically what happens is the fall of the first layer of skin on the hands.

The list of COVID-19 sequels is extended

According to the program, around 100 people receive post-coronavirus care. At least 20% have submitted the ‘COVID hands’. So far the main sequelae COVID-19 with the highest incidence include:

  • muscular weakness,
  • Heart problems,
  • lung damage,
  • Headaches,
  • difficulty to sleep,
  • anxiety and depression.

A recent study revealed that patients suffer from these conditions for more than six months after your medical recovery. This period of later symptoms is called Extended COVID, and consists of have symptoms even when the virus is no longer in the body.

Between other skin conditions associated with COVID-19 have also been mentioned: urticaria (red, itchy rashes) erythematopapular rash (red bumpy rash) or erythematous-vesicular rash (chickenpox-like rash) and chilblains (inflammation of blood vessels in the skin).

According to experts, subsequent recovery from these complications can make the upper layers of the skin tend to peel. Another explanation says that changes in the skin they are signs of inflammation due to a possible ongoing immune response to the virus.

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