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The Government of Argentina released this Monday a list of people vaccinated in a public hospital by management of the Ministry of Health, among which are public figures suspected of having privileged access to the covid-19 vaccine.

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The list, made up of 70 people, was released on the instruction of the Argentine Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, after a scandal broke out last Friday over the alleged “VIP vaccination“That cost the person who until then was the head of the health portfolio, Ginés González García.

As reported by the Ministry of Health, by order of Vizzotti, the Posadas Hospital, a public hospital on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and the involved areas of the national health portfolio, the list of people vaccinated against covid-19 at the request of the Ministry of Health. Likewise, the audit of the nominal registry of those vaccinated was instructed.

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The controversy broke out last Friday, when the journalist Horace Vertbisky, 79, revealed that he was vaccinated at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health thanks to his friendship with González García.

In Argentina at the moment only vaccination of health personnel and older adults has been enabled

Local media had realized this weekend that the journalist was not the only one who had privileged access to the vaccination and they also targeted politicians, trade unionists and businessmen close to power.

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In Argentina, at the moment, only vaccination of health personnel and older adults has been enabled – in the case of Buenos Aires over 80 years old – with shift processed online and assigned based on the availability of doses.

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Vizzotti, who took over as minister last Saturday, has denied that a system of “VIP vaccination“but there were” exceptional “cases.

The new minister explained that, within the vaccination campaign against covid-19, there is a group of the target population that is constituted by the “strategic personnel”, those people who make key decisions in the public function, therefore certain “front line” officials can agree to vaccination.

This is the case of President Alberto Fernández, who appears first on the list released this Monday.

The names on the list

In addition to the head of state, there are several other public officials, such as the Foreign Ministers, Felipe Solá, and the Economy, Martín Guzmán. Nevertheless, many other public offices also appear, of lower rank, whose qualification of “strategic personnel” is under discussion.

In addition, there are names of people who are not in the public function, such as Vertbisky himself, the journalist Gabriel Michi, the businessmen Seza Manukian and Florencio Aldrey, and historical leaders of the peronism, such as Lorenzo Pepe, Hugo Curto and the former Argentine president Eduardo Duhalde (2002-2003), among others.


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