Covid: Schiaretti differs, but opens the umbrella

By Bettina Marengo

They say close to the governor Juan Schiaretti that he is determined to play fully with the promotion of the autonomy of the province because, politically, the support he seeks is not among the voters of the Alberto Fernández government. The management of the pandemic is one of the points where it differs from the Casa Rosada and the K wing of the ruling party.

The president gave another signal yesterday and differentiated himself from his peers in the Central Region in terms of the presence of the classes, after Omar Perotti from Santa Fe and Gustavo Bordet from Entre Ríos announced the suspension for a week of face-to-face classes, but left an open door to future restrictions.

With 540 deaths in the country and more than 1200 cases in the province, Schiaretti said that in Córdoba the number of people infected with Covid 19 “is very high” and that “the number of cases has to be lowered,” to avoid “in the future, if the cases do not drop, take other types of measures ”.

“What we have been doing in Córdoba is taking care of work, production and presence at school,” said the governor at the launch of the 2021 version of the program “Protection of the Pregnant Woman and her Baby”, which presented the already practically confirmed candidate for senator of We do for Cordoba, the deputy Alejandra Vigo, in her capacity as head of the social cabinet of the province.

What is striking about the warning is that the Nation did not include any department of the province as an “alert zone” due to the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants or the speed of infections, as it did with Rosario and San Lorenzo in Santa Fe, six departments of Mendoza, CABA and 42 localities of AMBA and two of the province of Buenos Aires. In the classification of epidemiological zones on Friday 30, Córdoba Capital and 17 departments are classified as “high risk”, but without an alert.

“The pandemic is hitting and hard on the country and other sister countries in the region,” began the governor, at one point and apart from his speech on the program for pregnant women. “The level of cases is very high in the province. Beyond the fact that Córdoba has margin in terms of the number of critical beds occupied to face the pandemic, the number is very high and we have to lower the number of cases. For this reason, we ask that you comply with the provision established by the mayors and the provincial government, and thus avoid, in the future, if the cases do not decrease, that we have to take other types of measures, “he said.

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The provincial president insisted on complying with the norms established on Friday within the framework of the province-municipality Table, which are in force from May 1 to 21, and emphasized social gatherings as the main source of coronavirus contagion. “If we all comply with the rules established for this period (…) and we take care of ourselves in the social gatherings that are the greatest source of contagion, it will surely be easier for Córdoba to go through this number of Covid cases with the lowest possible cost, and surely if we act like this, we can continue to face this stretch of the pandemic without harming the productive sector and taking care of the presence ”, he assured.

For the first time, the governor admits that the criterion of occupied critical beds, which is around 40% as officially reported, is not the only one to take into account, and that it is necessary to lower the number of infections in the province to cross this part of the pandemic.

Since the second wave began, the Honeycomb took off from the strategy of the Casa Rosada and the provisions of the presidential decrees, and sought shelter in the Mesa Province Municipalities where the Province and the 227 mayors and communal chiefs of Córdoba sit. With the premise that “the pandemic cannot be the only reality” and that Córdoba would not neglect “production, employment and education,” the president promoted measures that were much more lax than those ordered by the presidential decrees for the AMBA. At night time, in activities and above all, in the subject of face-to-face classes, where he remained, without saying so, in a line similar to that of the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

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In any case, Córdoba was in the same squad as CABA and Mendoza, also governed by a macrista, the radical Rodolfo Suárez. However, last week, with the incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the porteño decided to suspend presence at the secondary level. As mentioned above, Perotti winked at Alberto Fernández’s DNU, and suspended traditional classes in Rosario and San Lorenzo for a week, while his government awaits the effect of the other measures that restrict circulation. Bordet did the same in the provincial capital and in other large towns, although he is not on alert.

Yesterday he differentiated himself from his counterparts in the Central Region provinces, Omar Perotti from Santa Fe and Gustavo Bordet from Entre Ríos, both Peronists like Schiaretti, but allies of the national government, who announced the cessation of face-to-face classes for a week in the most populated departments , with the aim of slowing down the contagion of Covid 19.

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