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In Moscow, Russia, a three-phase investigation will begin to develop a nasal form of Sputnik V, the vaccine developed by that country against COVID-19.

The announcement was made by Sergey Sobianin, mayor of the Russian capital, through a February 17 post on his personal blog.

The president said that this new way of immunization does not replace complete vaccination, but it can be very useful as an additional form of protection.

According to an anonymous source related to the research who spoke to Forbes magazine, the original vaccine can prevent the disease from entering a critical stage and prevent pneumonia, but it cannot prevent a person from being a carrier of the virus. “The person may not even notice the infection, but it will be its carrier for several days,” he explained.

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On the contrary, if it is administered through the nose, “in addition to protecting the lower respiratory tract, the lungs, etc., the first line of defense will be formed: the immunity of the mucous membranes,” added the source.

If this method goes on the market successfully, it would be essential in case the vaccine needs to be given a second time.

A possibility that is already being considered, as Mayor Sobianin said that immunization is being evaluated in the vaccinated population, to determine if a revaccination is needed in the second period of 2021.

The Sputnik V vaccine is 92% effective.


Kirill Kudryavtsev. AFP

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According to the president, monitoring is being carried out every month to measure the evolution of the vaccine in the body. If they notice that immunity wanes after 9 or 10 months, a second vaccination plan will be needed.

The expert interviewed by ‘Forbes’ said that this second immunization cycle would not be as effective as the first, because the immune system will not only create antibodies against covid-19, but also against the formula used in the vaccine.

With the application of nasal immunization this problem would be avoided, since the formula would not come into contact with the antibodies.

The expert also added that it would become the ideal method to vaccinate children because, although most do not get seriously ill, they can be silent carriers.

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