Covid vaccine on vacation: How do I postpone an appointment?

Several people on a Spanish beach during the summer of 2020.

Top international leaders, such as the American president Joe Biden or the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have marked in red the key dates in the vaccination calendar in which a high percentage of the vaccinated population is expected to be reached. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has also done so, and in this case he expects 33 million people to be vaccinated by the end of August. Key month for vaccination and for the vacations of millions of Spaniards.

To get it, thousands of Spaniards will be summoned to receive their injection in the months of July and August, coinciding with the summer season and when a greater number of people take their vacations. A situation of which most of the autonomous communities are already aware, for which they are preparing various plans to alleviate this contingency.

This implies that, during the summer months, and like every year -as it happened in 2020 despite the health crisis- the mobility of citizens who will leave their usual residence for a few days will increase to seek the haven and escape their routines far away. from home, causing numerous appointments to vaccinate against Covid-19 have to be canceled due to the inability to locate the person in their place of residence.

In this context, and according to autonomous sources, Medical WritingSome regions have begun to contemplate what to do in these supposed cases in which the aforementioned cannot go to his vaccination point -be it his usual health center or facilities set up for use in the locality where he resides-.

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For the time being, various regions will choose to facilitate a phone number or set specific apps so people can choose an appointment later, in the event that the assigned one is impossible for the patient to attend the appointment.

“If they call you to get vaccinated and you are on vacation, you lose your turn, although later you can get vaccinated”

No one unvaccinated

“If they call you to get vaccinated and you are on vacation, you lose your turn, although later on you can get vaccinated again,” say the aforementioned sources. “Although first they will continue with the people to whom it is their turn” and have not missed their turn.

However, many territories still have not planned what to do in these cases. In other autonomies they recognize this newspaper that “there are still three months left for vaccinations.” “We go day by day, week by week.”

What the majority of the autonomous communities consulted do rule out is establishing an interoperable vaccination plan between communities. Various coastal communities recognize that this idea “has been on the table” but “its implementation is impossible.” And that’s not counting those people who go abroad.

In other words, the idea of ​​vaccinating people from other communities in the region where they are on vacation would lead to a disruption in the number of vaccines that the Ministry of Health delivers to each community.

Faced with this situation, the same sources insist that “There are vaccines for everyone” and that “immunity will be achieved before or after August, but no Spanish will be left without their vaccine.”

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