CPS Energy will automatically grant a credit to customers who were without power in the winter storm | Univision 41 San Antonio KWEX

During April, CPS Energy will issue a one-time bill credit to customers with accounts active during the storm who experienced cumulative outages of 24 hours or more during the declared disaster.

A single credit will be applied in the amount of Charge for availability of electric service to the bills of the affected customers to acknowledge that the energy was not available to them.

The Electric Service Availability Charge is the fixed monthly cost of providing electric service to customers and ranges from $ 8.75 for residential and small business customers to $ 10.50 for high-use residential customers.

CPS Energy has reviewed customer accounts and determined that 251,606 customers experienced outages of 24 hours or more. Those customers will receive a one-time credit shown on their April or May invoices as follows:

Number of days without electricity Credit Number of clients
More than 4 $100 77
3 – 4 $75 1,378
2 – 3 $50 23,06423,064
1 – 2 227,087

The credit will show in the Payments and Adjustments section of the bill: $ 8.75 for Residential Electric Rate (RE) and Basic Commercial Electric Rate (PL), $ 10.50 for Residential Large Use Rate (RCE).

In total, approximately $ 3.5 million will be credited to customer accounts, automatically applied on April 10, and immediately reflected in the balance due on invoices dated April 12 – May 11. Customers do not need to take any action to receive the credits.

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