Creators of the successful Star Wars Squadrons work on new projects

Few days ago it was released Star Wars Squadrons, a space action game from the universe of Star Wars focused on multiplayer battles, although it also has a single player campaign.

This is the first release of EA Motive, which is the study that attended EA Digital Illusions in the titles of Star Wars Battlefront.

And it seems that this study does not want to stay with its arms crossed for the future, since they are already working on new titles that they have not yet announced.

This has been told by the head of Motive, Patrick Klaus, from the studio’s website, where he intends to reinforce the name of the company and its status within the Electronic Arts group.
Where he says that his new mission is “to empower players to create, experience, live and share their unique stories.”

As a result of all that, they have been testing many new ideas, especially with an emphasis on innovation. Apparently his intention is to reach higher than just StarWars sequels.

With a launch well received by critics and players. EA Motive could become a company to be watched closely.

In June, Electronic Arts boss Andrew Wilson said that the company intended to expand its use of the Star Wars licenseAfter the successes obtained with Star War Battlefront, the two games sold more than 35 million copies between them.
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, has exceeded your expectations with more than 10 million units sold.

Respawn is currently working on a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order. Star Wars Squadrons is available at PS4, Xbox One y PC.


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