The request of a shy little six-year-old girl was fulfilled thanks to the help of a family business in Crewe.

Chloe Mellor has been hoping for months if she has found an eyelash or visited wells or wants wells, and Mother Beki had no idea what her daughter had wanted.

When she finally – to her astonishment – elicited the boy, she found that it was about serving ice cream from an ice cream truck.

Chloe was overjoyed when she received a present from Whitby Morrison on her birthday

After the community on Facebook had appealed to fulfill the wish in time for her birthday, she responded and suggested the Crewe Ice Cream Van maker Whitby Morrison.

Company head Ed Whitby, who has two daughters of the same age, was enthusiastic about the idea and immediately agreed to help.

Chloe's mother Beki said, "Chloe has always been obsessed with ice and ice cream trucks, but I never thought she would be what it was. Ed contacted me to say that he can help and it was fantastic.

"Unfortunately, it took a few weeks for the matter to be resolved and the visit over, and she was not on time for her sixth birthday. However, Ed sent Chloe a package with a calendar, some pictures and information. Ice cream trucks were made. I used that to surprise her on her birthday and tell her that her wish had been fulfilled. She was overjoyed.

Ed Whitby of Whitby Morrison's Ice Cream Vans with Chloe Mellor

"When the van was sorted and came down the street with its carillon, her face was an absolute picture of joy. She was beaming from ear to ear.

"Chloe is very shy and does not talk to a lot of people, especially strangers, but she was so comfortable with Ed – he made her a day, sitting in the van, serving ice cream with the biggest smile on her face.

"After the van left, she always jumped down the stairs and just jumped everywhere – no words – just luck.

"I can not stop watching the video, and even my family keeps saying how nice it is to see them so happy.

"I can not thank Ed enough for taking the time to visit her, she has since come to tell me that when she grows up, she wants to be an ice cream lady."

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Ed said the decision to help was easy. "When I heard that Beki had made an appeal on Facebook, I knew we had to help. We always try to help as much as possible in the community.

"As the father of two girls of similar age, I know how they think and how happy they would be if someone could fulfill a wish they had. I had the opportunity to do that for Chloe, so it was easy.

"Seeing your face light up as the van came down the street was worth everything in the world. She is such a pretty little girl and her reaction was so sincere and thankful.

Chloe, six, wanted to serve ice cream and then eat one

"Crewe gets so much negative press, but there is so much good going on here. If we could all take a little time to do something for somebody, the world would be so happy.

"Too many people want to take something from the world, but that took only half an hour of my day, giving a special memory to a little girl who's likely to spend most of her life with her.

"That's an overwhelming feeling."