Projects have been submitted to convert an empty historic Crewe building into a 64-unit residential care home for seniors.

Webb House, which was originally a rail orphanage, has since been used as a railway training center and more recently by the NHS Trust of Bolton, Salford and Trafford to provide services to people from all over the North. # 39; England.

But the second-year building located on Victoria Avenue has been empty for several years.

At present, an application has been submitted to the Cheshire East Council for conversion into 18 residential units, to build a new development at the back and to modify the existing West Cottage and South Lodge to establish a new building. overall program of 64 additional nursing homes. old people.

In a document attached to the application, Caulmart Ltd, working on behalf of Arcam Development Management 1 Ltd, stated: "The existing Webb House, a Grade Two building that is vacant in the long term, will be reinstated for one use. appropriate and will provide: 18 residential units, thus securing its long-term future.

"The new development at the back was designed to be at an appropriate scale, with the appropriate use of materials, and that would be inserted into the site to ensure that it remains subordinate." at Webb House.

"The establishment of a center-level wellness hub, connecting new and old alike, provides residents with care facilities throughout the project."

In addition to transforming the existing building into 18 residential apartments, the proposal includes extensions to West Cottage to form four apartments and South Lodge to provide a single apartment and construction of five new bungalows with associated landscaping and parking.

With the 36 apartments located in the proposed new three-story block at the back of Webb House, this will bring the total number of residential units to 64.

The developer's agent said: "The proposals are intended to fill the gap and identify the local and local needs for senior housing by providing 64 additional residential units of care (C2 use), which is considered an appropriate reuse of this dwelling. former institutional building, which will serve to preserve the future of this important heritage asset for future generations. "

According to the council's website, the decision will be made at the Wednesday (May 29) meeting of the South Cheshire East Council Planning Committee.

For more information or to comment on the application, click here.

There is also a separate application, 18 / 2112N, which is intended to authorize the proposed change of use and modifications of Webb House.

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