100% PCSO coverage can not be guaranteed

The difference between this program and the hours of a PCSO that some municipal councils, such as Leighton Buzzard and Houghton Regis, have contracted in the past is that it was not about sharing a PCSO on the basis of overtime but to recruit one.

We can not guarantee that a PCSO will spend all his time in the parish becausethe police chief must be free to direct his officers in extremis".

The CPC added that time spent on other tasks would likely be between 10% and 20% of the time of the OSCP.

The CPC informed the police and anti-crime commission that it had received very quick and sometimes very hostile responses from the parishes. She says:

"It does not seem that in a week the clerks could have consulted the entire council before writing to me, let alone holding public consultations in their area.

"The least I can hope for is that the public of their regions is asked what he thinks."

Answers from the Parish Council of Marston Vale

The parish council of Cranfield considered the offer at the last meeting of its committee. He decided to request more detailed information from the PCB Bureau.

Clerk of the Parish Council of Marston Moreteyne stated that he had not yet had the opportunity to discuss the issue at a council meeting. This would be done at the full board scheduled for February.

Wootton will discuss it during the plenary meeting on February 13th. Ridgmont and Brogborough did not receive the letter from the CCP.

Lidlington and Stewartby did not answer.