Criminals rob the premises of Pedro Pablo Velasco

Theft of your business premises would have embittered the triumph defender of Barcelona, ​​Pedro Pablo Verlasco. This is because two armed subjects entered the business they have on Buenos Aires and Montevideo streets, Barrio del Seguro, south of Guayaquil at 3:43 p.m. on November 19.

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The fact was reported by the same player on his social networks at 23:00, after two hours and having won against Deportivo Cuenca. In the publication, accompanied by a video of the robbery, Velasco indicated: “Today I was the victim of an assault at my premises …. the criminals stole my wife’s belongings, various valuables, including the vehicle keys, and the proceeds of the week “.

In the images it is observed that criminals enter with two objects in their hands, that they would be firearms, and they intimidate those present to take their belongings.

The assault on the player’s premises, before the authorities is considered as theft from an economic unit, the same that handles a percentage of 22.2% in the entire province of Guayas, this list is led by Pichincha with 32.6%.

Nationwide until October 8 2,846 complaints were received for the crime of theft from commercial units, However, the theft has been reported 13,428 complaints nationwide.


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