Cristian Pavón in the middle of the storm: between the ankle surgery, the sale to LA Galaxy, the bid with Boca and the … prison order

Smiles from Marcos Rojo, Cristian Pavón, Leonardo Jara and Edwin Cardona as they watch a game in the reserve, but the situation of the Cordovan, between his pull with Boca and the judicial front, is far from being relaxed. Credit: Official Boca Press

The Professional League Cup started and Boca He is one day away from his debut against Gimnasia, after winning the two 2020 local championships (Superliga and Diego Maradona Cup). But the focus is not on that, but on Cristian Pavón: when it seemed that his departure from the club would be in peace and would report several million dollars to the coffers xeneizes, a document paper and up to a prison order for the Cordoba forward.

On Thursday an agreement was reached between the Soccer Council, chaired by Juan roman riquelme, Y Los Angeles Galaxy for the purchase of 50% of the Pavón pass: U $ S 7.000.000 Tax-free would remain in the Boquense treasury. The parties were satisfied: the club would receive a lot of money, usable to strengthen itself for the Copa Libertadores; the Council would release a footballer who has no intention of wearing the Boca jersey, and the Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise would be reunited with the winger it enjoyed in the last year and a half for a loan.

But, aware of the imminent sale of Pavón, Gisela Marisol Doyle and his lawyer, Luciano Bartolomé Bocco, reacted to take a further step in the complaint for sexual abuse with carnal access that was presented at the beginning of the year and taken by the Alta Gracia Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of Alejandro Peralta Otonello: they requested a precautionary measure of preventive prison or of prohibition of leaving the country. “Existens Earnest indications of danger of flight or of obstruction of the investigation “, was one of the arguments presented by the defender, who added that “his permanence is of vital importance for the purposes of processing this case.”

At this time, the top managers of Boca are inquiring about the issue and alert to any news: if that measure prospers, Pavón’s transfer to the US team is in danger. For now, contact with the Los Angeles club remains. In any case, there is another cause for concern for the leadership: those close to the president Jorge Amor Ameal confirmed for THE NATION that the 25-year-old soccer player’s attorneys sent a letter document requesting that, while the soccer player remains on campus, receive the same salary that you received during your stay in California.

In Boca they were surprised. The club’s lawyers are taking care of the matter, while the leadership believes that it does not have to pay attention to the note. “It seems to be a way to ensure his departure from the club, but the reality is that no one knows the issue because there is no history of such a situation,” they commented. As it transpired, it is signed in Argentinian Footballers that this can happen if the player was part of a transfer agreed between Argentine clubs.

The times of the scorer Pavón were far away and he figures in every Boca game; Three years have passed since that great moment for Cordoba, which led him to the World Cup in Russia. Source: LA NACION – Credit: Daniel Jayo

To all this, the forward pretends to be operated on the ankles for overbones, but he can’t make up his mind. It was even rumored that the intervention would have a date for next Friday, but at the time of Cristian Pavón nothing seems to be on firm ground. Except that this Sunday he will not be on the La Bombonera lawn.

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