Cristiano Ronaldo leaves soccer fans speechless with a record jump

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Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo reveals what is the main dream he still has to fulfill

Nor ‘El Bicho’ never rests. It is insatiable.

Cristiano Ronaldo entered history once again with a new achievement.

In the recent game against Sassuolo, the Juventus star scored his team’s third goal, thus setting a new record: becoming the first player in history to score at least 15 goals in each of the last 15 seasons in the five best leagues in Europe.

There is no doubt that the numbers are cosmic, but fans of the Portuguese were most impressed by his incredible leap, which once again defied the law of gravity.

In search of the ball, the 35-year-old practically flew much higher than the Sassuolo goalkeeper.

Ronaldo’s jump went viral among his followers, who shared photos of the moment and spared no praise on social networks.


  • 1. His name has North American origin. José Aveiro, Cristiano’s father, was an admirer of Ronald Reagan (actor and former president of the United States), that’s why he called him “Ronaldo.”
  • 2. He is the youngest of the family. His mother is Dolores Aveiro and his older brothers are Elma (47 years old), Hugo (45 years old) and Kátia (43 years old).
  • 3. He was expelled from school. During his elementary years in Lisbon, his classmates laughed at Cristiano’s accent. One day he exploded with rage and threatened a teacher with a chair.
  • 4. He was nicknamed ‘Cry Baby’ in his childhood. At the age of 9, Cristiano took his first steps in Andorinha, where his father worked. They called him ‘Crying Boy’, because the tears came to him when the ball was not passed to him or when he missed a goal. They also called him ‘Bee,’ because he wouldn’t stop running around the field.
  • 5. You are of African descent. The great-grandmother of the Juventus striker, Isabel Da Piedade, was originally from the Cape Verde Islands, a Portuguese region located on the African continent.
  • 6. He almost gave up football due to health problems. At 15 years of age, his parents thought that he should give up football after suffering a deficiency in his heart. He had surgery and was able to fulfill his dream of being a professional soccer player.
  • 7. It was offered to Barcelona in 2003. When Cristiano Ronaldo was still at Sporting Lisbon, his agent, Jorge Mendes, offered it to the Catalan team. The culés had already added other signings of great value and rejected the offer.
  • 8. He could have played ping pong. «After football, ping pong is my favorite sport. One day the table tennis coach Sporting said to me: ‘Do you want to join the team?’ He couldn’t convince me, I wanted to be a footballer, ”the Portuguese star revealed in an interview.
  • 9. I didn’t want to use the number ‘7’. CR7, revealed that when he arrived at Manchester United, he did not want to wear the number ‘7’ on his jersey, instead he preferred the number ’28’. This is because he had to fill the shoes of the legendary David Beckham.
  • 10. A galactic presentation. The presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid has been the most attended in the history of football. 90,000 people attended the Santiago Bernabéu, just to see him.
  • 11. He rescued his brother from alcoholism. CR7 has used money and fame to help his family. He has a painting factory and a museum, which are managed by his brother Hugo. His father died of alcohol problems and he was not willing to see his brother follow the same path.
  • 12. He made his sister a singer. Kátia, his sister, also achieved a career thanks to the attacker. Today he is a singer and goes by the stage name of ‘Ronalda’, in honor of Ronaldo. He hired Lady Gaga’s producer to have his sister record her first album.
  • 13. He was arrested and charged with rape in 2005. During his stay in England, he was arrested for allegedly raping a woman in a London Penthouse. The Portuguese star personally attended the police station to testify. In the end, the Portuguese ended up being found innocent.
  • 14. Second accusation of sexual violence. In 2018, Kathryn Mayorga filed a lawsuit accusing Ronaldo of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009. Cristiano denied the facts and left the case in the hands of his lawyers. In 2019, Mayorga voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit. Finally, it was learned that the soccer player paid the girl $ 375,000 for a conciliation and confidentiality agreement to be acquitted.
  • 15. Tax fraud in Spain. In 2019, he resolved two judicial problems: that of the woman who accused him of rape and that of tax evasion during his stay in Madrid. Ronaldo agreed to pay a fine of 16.8 million euros and accept a 23-month suspended prison sentence.
  • 16. A love life at the highest level. Cristiano Ronaldo has been related to several models, actresses and athletes, among which Paris Hilton, Gemma Atkinson, Kim Kardashian, María Sharapova and Irina Shayk stand out. His current girlfriend is the Argentine Georgina Rodríguez, the only one with whom he has had children.
  • 17. Four children, but three without a mother. Before meeting his current sentimental partner, the Portuguese star had three children by the method of surrogacy or surrogacy. Cristiano Júnior, Eva and Mateo were born through this procedure. Only Alana Martina, the youngest of the four, knows her father and mother.
  • 18. His altruistic work. CR7 has no tattoos because he is a constant blood donor. He is also a bone marrow donor. Throughout his entire career he was always very supportive and contributor to the social cause. It has paid for some treatments for children with chronic diseases and has donated millions of dollars to those most in need amid global tragedies.
  • 19. The evolution of your salary. The first income that CR7 had was thanks to Sporting. When I was a ball boy I earned 5 euros per game; when he played in the quarry he received 50 euros a month; and when he got to the first team they raised his salary to 2000 euros. At United he earned 150,000 euros a month and at Madrid he became the highest paid in the world with 1.8 million euros. He currently earns 4.5 million euros a month at Juventus.
  • 20. A luxurious collection of cars. Cristiano Ronaldo has a fleet of vehicles valued at more than 10 million euros. It has more than 20 cars of different brands such as Ferrari, Porche, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maserati, Aston Martin, Mercedes or Audi.

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