Cristina Kirchner and other former presidents accused the OAS of generating a “democratic deterioration” in Bolivia

Evo Morales, José Mujica, Dilma Rousseff, Cristina Kirchner and Rafael Correa at a summit of Mercosur presidents in 2012 Source: Archive – Credit: Reuters

Former leaders, former foreign ministers and legislators from Latin America, including Vice President Cristina Kirchner, issued a statement and urged the international community to “be attentive” to the Tomorrow’s elections in Bolivia to “contribute to guaranteeing transparent elections and respect for the result.”

We call on the international community to be aware that the elections next Sunday in Bolivia are developed in a transparent way and their results are respected “, says the message.

The letter, released to the press, bears the signature of the Argentine vice president Cristina Kirchner, former presidents Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, from Brazil; Ernesto Samper, from Colombia; Rafael Correa, from Ecuador; and Manuel Zelaya, from Honduras, among others, as well as legislators and former foreign ministers.

The signatories accuse the Organization of American States (OAS) to generate a “deterioration in Bolivian democracy.”

Bolivians will attend an election day tomorrow, after the October 2019 meetings had been annulled amid complaints of electoral fraud, a police riot, a civic strike and the military “suggestion” to former President Evo Morales to resign.

The OAS then argued that there was a “drastic and difficult to justify change in the voting trend.” Under this argument, Morales was forced to leave, today asylum in Argentina.

This assertion has been extensively examined by experts and academics from various study centers and universities in the United States, who identified that the ‘change in trend’ denounced by the OAS was not at all irregular and that it was due to the late entry of votes from geographical areas favorable to the Movement for Socialism ( MAS) “, states the statement.

In another paragraph they assured: “Given the numerous evidences of its errors, the OAS had to initiate an investigation of what happened and a process of reflection by the highest authorities of the organization, but, far from reflectively assuming serious mistakes committed, the Secretary General Luis Almagro has appointed as Head of Mission of Electoral Observation to the same person who headed its mission in 2019. This decision undermines confidence in the transparency, neutrality, and technical nature of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission and constitutes an open and irresponsible provocation on the part of the Secretary General. “

The declaration is also signed by Jorge Taiana (former Foreign Minister of Argentina), Celso Amorim (former Foreign Minister of Brazil), Ricardo Patiño (former Foreign Minister of Ecuador), Jorge Lara Castro (former Foreign Minister of Paraguay), Hugo Martínez (former Foreign Minister of El Salvador) , Guillaume Long (former Foreign Minister of Ecuador). Also signed were Eduardo Valdés (President of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of Argentina), Juan Pablo Letelier (President of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Chilean Senate), Daniel Caggiani (President of the Foreign Relations Commission of the House of Representatives of Uruguay).

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