Crossplay, the feature that would have saved multiplayer, but didn’t

The multiplayer of Star Wars Battlefront 2 It is the most spectacular thing that can be experienced in any video game online of the franchise. Colossal battles on the ground or aboard a ship that begin with a shocking shower of laser bullets above your head. In addition, the opportunities to progress are plentiful, and each of the playable heroes possesses their own set of abilities for the battlefield. However, ¿Tiene crossplay Star Wars Battlefront 2 entre consolas PS4, Xbox One y PC? In this note we will give you the most complete answer possible.

The launch of SW: Battlefront 2 in 2017 it was catastrophic. The game featured a broken progression system that made it impossible to upgrade characters unless you were lucky and spent dozens of hours on repetitive multiplayer objectives. The loot boxes were repudiated both by critics and the gaming community, and Electronic Arts had no choice but to clean the slate with the FPS of DICE, creators of Battlefield.


By early 2018, a few months after launch, SW: Battlefront 2 it was already a totally different video game. Users could play as any of the heroes from minute zero, and progression took a few hours to unlock some of the most important skill cards. The rest of the way consisted of upgrading them, which was accomplished by simply leveling up.

Time passed and SW: Battlefront 2 continued adding completely free content to its multiplayer. New game modes, maps, heroes, costumes and playable mechanics. The video game changed notably to the point that we could confirm that Star Wars Battlefront 2 of DICE is, indeed, the best FPS from the history of Star Wars.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 forgot about crossplay and lost everything


With so many add-ons (like co-op multiplayer) it’s amazing that DICE and SHE have bypassed a primary function. Star Wars Battlefront 2 does not integrate crossplay, which prevents users of PC can play with people of PS4 O Xbox One.

The video game continues to add players who at the time did not want to buy it and who are now amazed, but at this point the number of connected users is likely to be very small, especially on consoles. Lack of crossplay in SW: Battlefront 2 is a cheap shot, and a missed opportunity to bring the entire community together to enjoy a great FPS. Of course, the campaign is brilliant and its story should be played by both fans and fans of Star Wars.

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