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A disturbing video was shared on social media, showing a "vulnerable homeless man" jumping up and down.

The cruel farce was recorded on Snapchat, showing what appears to be a group encouraging a wheelchair man to organize a fireworks display.

A young man lights him up and runs away quickly before the fireworks explodes engulfing him.

We hear a man commenting, "I can not believe he blew himself up," while others laugh hysterically.

The video was shot at London Road, Liverpool, and received hundreds of actions on social networks.

The activists reacted furiously to the video and try to find the people involved.

The man can be seen in the video encouraged to trigger the fireworks (Photo: Liverpool Echo)

Michelle Langan runs the Papercup project, which works with the homeless around the center of Liverpool and regularly meets the people who sleep in the video.

She said, "It's so sad to see a vulnerable person used to laugh like that.

"Our team sees this man every week and it's horrible to see him endangered in this way.

"Last year, another fireworks fire set another homeless on fire when children put it in his pocket.

The disturbing video shows the man engulfed in smoke (photo: Liverpool Echo)

"It's not funny, it's not a joke. This joke on the video would have easily resulted in a tragedy: the homeless should not be treated as objects that we do not care about or enjoy. These are people too.

She added, "It's awful to see this, and I hope these kids realize that vulnerable people should not be used as an inexpensive way to do the same on social networks."

Last year, after a homeless man was injured in Liverpool's downtown, a fireworks display was placed in his pocket, leaving him burned.