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CSAEGRO presents new varieties of improved soybeans

The Higher Agricultural College of the State of Guerrero (CSAEGRO) developed new varieties of soybeans with greater conditions of resistance to diseases and environmental stress, which contribute to meeting the demand for food of a population in continuous growth.

These new varieties also present higher yields and high protein contents (40.4 to 41.0 percent), in such a way that they are a feeding alternative for communities in conditions of high and very high marginalization in the tropical region of Mexico, particularly in the Warrior status.

These legumes can contribute to improve nutrition, health and economy in the population, in the same way it is feasible to use them as a forage resource, so it can affect the livestock subsector.

The CSAEGRO – a decentralized body of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development -, after years of selection work, offers these new varieties called Salcer, Abina, Valente and Ojo de Tigre.

The first is already registered, while Albina and Valente are in the process of registration, and Ojo de Tigre is in the final stage of its evaluation.

These improved varieties develop well in nutrient-poor soils, with drought problems, where good yields are obtained even under circumstances that are not so favorable for the crop.

For their growth, they do not require many agricultural inputs or intensive management, which contributes to conservation and sustainability.

As part of its advantages and benefits, soy is a legume that has the characteristic of fixing atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, through the presence of bacteria of the genus Rhizobium, which are found within the nodules of the roots and improve the fertility of the land.

At CSAEGRO, more than 100 soy-based dishes have been developed, easy to prepare for incorporation into the diet of the population. In addition to promoting the use of these soybean varieties, housewives are trained in the preparation of food products based on this legume.

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The soybean varieties developed by CSAEGRO show a pleasant flavor in beans and beans; they also contain eight essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine, methionine, lysine, tryptophan, threonine and phenylalanine) that the human body needs for proper development.

They also have the potential for forage utilization, to be integrated into bovine, goat, sheep and pig animal production systems.

The Colegio Superior Agropecuario del Estado de Guerrero is an institution in charge of providing educational services in the agricultural field, particularly at the upper and upper middle level.

Through the development of knowledge and technologies, the house of studies promotes the sustainable use of natural and technological resources, and the link with the productive and social sectors, therefore it represents an excellent option for agricultural education and training.

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